Felting, Weaving and Teaching

Felting, Weaving and Teaching

I had a fairly productive week I made 4 cup cozies.  They need their buttons and elastic loops but I should get that done this week. I need to sort out if they are narrow enough to go through the handle on a coffee mug. If they don’t fit I will make them for travel mugs without handles.

cup cozies

Here are some close up pictures. The top two have throwsters silk waste. The bottom left is a silk scarf and the right is cotton cheesecloth.

cozies close up

I also got the inklette loom warped to make a strap.

incle loom

The weaving is not great but it is getting better as I go.

ingle weaving

Lastly I had t very nice ladies to may studio to learn to make nuno felt scarves. As usual I was busy with the students and forgot to take pictures until the end.

nuno finished scarves nuno scarves close up


14 thoughts on “Felting, Weaving and Teaching

  1. There is a nice variety of the cup cozies. I especially like the one with the scarf, very eye catching. I’ve never heard of that loom. Show us the strap when you’re finished please. The ladies did an excellent job on the scarves. They are beautiful.

    1. It is probably the easiest weaving to start with. its fast to put on and you are ready to weave very quickly. You do not have to make a warp and then put it on the back and thread it through headless and the then you thing you beat with and then onto the front.

  2. You really have been busy, Ann! Did the ladies have any difficulties in learning the nuno-felting process?

  3. Great cup cozies Ann! I look forward to seeing the finished weaving. And the nuno felt scarf results speak for what a great job you do teaching.

  4. They all look great, Ann 🙂 Those scarves are gorgeous, and the weaving looks interesting.

  5. Keep in mind the cup cozies are great for water bottles if they have been refrigerated or frozen to keep them from dripping.

  6. The weaving looks interesting but complicated. Your cup cosies are pretty – as are the students’ scarves!

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