Third Quarter Challenge – Monet

Third Quarter Challenge – Monet

When I started researching Monet for the challenge, I had already decided I didn’t really want to do anything with flowers. I had never seen his Parliament paintings but he did quite a few different ones in a variety of lighting. I thought looking at the same scene in different lighting and weather was interesting so I decided to use that as inspiration. I also wanted to try adding the color at the end with deconstructive screen printing.


This is the original Monet that I used for inspiration.


I made a piece of prefelt out of two shades of blue. This is Merino that I had dyed quite a while ago with indigo.

Wool layout

I laid out a background of orange woolt. The background has four layers except under the prefelt where there are only two layers. I also decided that I wanted to use several different type of fiber for embellishments that would dye differently with acid dye. I got this idea from Teri’s blog a few weeks ago.

Finished Felting

Here is the piece after felting. The bottom portion has banana fiber and the top has silk noil. I was planning on covering the yellow moon area before screen printing but I completely forgot about it.

Dye in Silk Screen

Here is my screen that has two colors of dye drying on it. I used various “stuff” under the screen when applying the dye to get texture. Then came the hard part. I had no idea how this was going to turn out once I screened it on the felt. I decided to wet the felt with vinegar water and then screen to get a more diffuse look.

After Screen Printing

Here it is right after screening. Not too exciting right? But don’t give up hope 🙂

Banana Fiber

I steamed the piece for 30 minutes and then rinsed it out. Here you can see the banana fibers didn’t take the dye since they are plant-based. The turquoise blue is a bit of silk noil.

Silk Noil

And here’s a view of the silk noil a little closer on the top portion.

Finished Piece

And the final result of the piece. I really like how it turned out. The photo doesn’t do justice to the subtle color changes made by the various colors of dye applied through the silk screen. If I was trying this method again, I would try it on dry felt. The dye definitely spread and I would have liked to see more variations from the deconstructive screens. But all in all I am pleased. I plan on putting this one on a painted canvas. Now to decide what color that should be.

Have you tried your hand at the Monet challenge? We would love to see what you created!



20 thoughts on “Third Quarter Challenge – Monet

  1. That turned out brilliantly, Ruth! I like the way it looks after screening and the finished piece too 🙂

  2. Fascinating – I enjoyed seeing your process photos . The houses of Parliament turned out so well and it’s going to look great hanging on a wall.

    1. Thanks Leonor. There was quite a bit of dye lost but that is almost always the case with using thickened dyes for screen printing.

  3. Very impressive Parliament buildings, Ruth! I never would have thought of using screen printing dyes on wool, but then I don’t know how to screen print either. All of the experimentation you do has really paid off in the 3rd quarter challenge.

  4. It’s beautiful Ruth! I’d love to try that technique,but have never done screen printing before.i look forward to seeing the finished piece on the canvas.

  5. It’s beautiful Ruth, very clever of you to combine plant and animal fibres to get the different colour changes when dyeing. The screen printing really makes this piece, as Ann says, it creates so much more depth it’s hard to believe it is the same piece. Would you mind putting together a tutorial for screenprinting on felt please? That is something I would love to try….

    1. Thanks Teri – the plant and animal fibers really did help to give it more depth but you reminded me of the technique on your recent blog post. Normally I would definitely put together a tutorial for the process but this is one of the sections of the online class that I am developing. Hopefully, I will have the class available in 2015.

  6. This is amazing Ruth! I can’t pretend to understand all of the method involved but what a terrific result. I haven’t had the confidence to try any of the challenges yet…..I did start the Jackson Pollock but it ended up just looking a mess so it got cut up for other uses! Maybe next time…..

    1. Thanks! I do hope you’ll try on another challenge. I enjoy trying them just to do something different than I normally would do.

  7. Great combination of ideas and techniques with fantastic end result! Like others, I’ve never really considered screen printing on felt – very creative!

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