Busy Making Felting Kits

Busy Making Felting Kits

I have not done much felting lately. Instead I have been working on a Nuno Felt Bracelet Kit. Sounds simple enough. I wrote up the instructions over a few days, going back over everything and adding in more and more detail, making thing more clear. That was the easy part. Next I had to take pictures. I don’t have any way of taking pictures of myself felting by myself so I enlisted my son to do the picture taking. He was very patient as I made a bracelet and took notes on my instructions of things I needed to change and add. It this point I am thinking well that was not so bad.

blurry writting

Next was picking out and  editing the pictures. I do not know how people do photo editing for a living. It takes for ever and it is booooring. I did eventually get that all done so it was time to send it off to the spelling and grammar police. Now normally I am not a big fan of the spelling and grammar police as I am on of the top ten worst spellers in the world. However when you want to sell something to the public it really should be spelled correctly so you don’t look too bad. Than another friend locked my instructions and took all the meta data off my pictures. I had no idea how to do that. Thank heavens for friends.




Next I think I would like to get the instructions printed. I nearly fainted when I saw the price of colour copies. It was decided that a CD would work very well and cost much less. So next was learning how to burn CDs. It’s not hard but it was time consuming. Good thing there was some good TV to watch while I did that.



Yesterday I spent the day assembling kits. That took way longer than I thought. I will never do well in a sweatshop, I am much to slow.  In the end I have lots of kits ready for my next show (Twist http://www.festivaltwist.org/en/ ) I am sure I will not sell them all as I made up 50 but they will be ready for other shows later in the year.

Here is what the finished kit looks like:

kit front kit back






17 thoughts on “Busy Making Felting Kits

  1. I love the “workshop in a bag” tag line! A bracelet is a great way to learn about the felting process — not too overwhelming. Are you going to have a special display or bracelets to sell as well? Good luck!

    1. I will have bracelets there to sell so people can see them. I was trying to explain t my husband about the kit when I said it’s like a workshop in a bag. Then I had one of those little eureka things pop up over my head. LOL I was thinking that a bracelet is small and fast not so overwhelming for someone like a scarf would be.

  2. Your efforts will pay off I’m sure. I too like the “workshop in a bag” idea. It’s perfect because you do have the entire class in a bag. Best of luck selling them 🙂

  3. Ann, I can only imagine how much time you spent preparing this kit. I hope it sells well. I like the name “Workshop in the bag” and believe this will attract many people to buy the kit. Are you going to add wool too, or just the tools?.

    1. Thank you Nada, There is wool in the bag. the silk is pale pink with purple stripes and the wool is baby blue. There is more than is needed really but first time felters tend to lay their wool out thick.

  4. Ann, you’ve done a fantastic job on the kits – they look very professional and I’m sure they will sell like hot cakes! I love the ‘workshop in a bag’ title.

    Now that you have the tutorial ‘in the bag’ (excuse the pun) it won’t take so long to make up some more kits for another show.

  5. A tremendous amount of work to do those kits…Kudos to you, and I hope you sell a bunch! Then, there’s always the Christmas holidays if there are any leftovers.

  6. “Workshop in a bag” sounds so great, Ann! I’m really glad you made this tutorial. I hear the first is always the worst, I’m still at the photo sorting phase (I have around 300 to sort, and turn into 40? Oh dear.)

    I hope you sold them all!

    1. Thank Leonor. I need to get a set up to hold my camera for overhead shots so I can do it myself. The sale it this week end so we will see how they sell. What is your tutorial about?

    2. You can buy an inexpensive tripod, it’s what I used and it really helps. My tutorial is sheep making 🙂

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