Felt Pictures Ready

Felt Pictures Ready

My felt pictures that will go on display next week are framed and mounted now. They look so much better Framed.  I had them proficiently done.  he covered the back in paper, put the hangers on and even little clear feet on the bottom corners so they will hang strait.  You will have to excuse the quality of the pictures. My husband had to hold them up for me to take the pictures.

This is the biggest one. I used wide extra strong Velcro along the top and small Velcro squares on the bottom corners and half way along the sides and bottom.



The two smaller ones that are much lighter and brighter I gave the mottles silver and gold frames that look much nicer in person. They match the summery feel of the 2 pictures. I used Velcro the same way for these pictures as well. They end up looking like they are hovering just in front of the canvas.

summer fun beach hotel

I will get better pictures when they are hung at the gallery.


18 thoughts on “Felt Pictures Ready

  1. What gallery are you hanging them in? Is it a specific show or are you going to be able to bring more in if these sell? How exciting. They look wonderful framed – the velcro idea seems to have worked well. The velcro is on the matte and the felt?

    1. Our guild has the gallery at one of the national archive buildings. we have it for 4 weeks. These three pictures and the hat I have been working on and finally finished this morning are my contributions. They will have prices on them at the gallery but I don’t expect them to sell but you never know, do you. The hook side of the Velcro is on the canvas and I just stuck the felt right to it. The hooks are a little different on the strips they are shorter and smoother feeling when you move your hand over them. It bought a 2 meter roll in a box. I was glad to find the extra strong Velcro so I didn’t have to do any sewing

  2. Your framed felt work looks great. What a splurge to have them professionally done, but well worth it. Does your guild exhibit their work every year?

    1. It cost a lot less than I thought it would to get them framed. No glass or matts makes a huge difference to the price. My husband said if you are going to show them in a gallery then you should frame them . Really he just likes the nightscape and hopes it doesn’t sell so we can hang it in the house. We do a sale every year with an exhibition section but this is the first time in a gallery.

  3. I can understand why your husband is hoping that ‘nightscape’ doesn’t sell – it’s wonderful in its frame! And the other two beachscapes are so ‘happy’ – they would brighten any room.

  4. You are right, Ann, no matting or glass makes the professional framer’s price more reasonable.
    If you priced the night scape high enough, you may be able to take it back home!

    1. MY guy is local to me too so not in a high priced store front. it help keep the cost down. I would be happy if the 2 small ones and the hat sells. You will see the hat in the next blog post.

  5. They turned out great Ann! Good luck at the exhibition. I’m sure people will really enjoy them,

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