Some Felt Pictures for Summer

Some Felt Pictures for Summer

A while ago I saw some fused glass pictures and was inspired to make some summer beach pictures. I like the simple style of this type if picture. I spent a few evenings drawing and colouring pictures. I always forget how relaxing and fun colouring is.

coloured picture 1 coloured picture 2 coloured picture 3 coloured picture 4 coloured picture 5

I decided to do a seaside picture first as summer has just started. I used

seaside 1 before

I used all prefelt except for a little silk for the waves. I split the prefelt and cut it so it wouldn’t be too thick where they overlap. I tacked everything down lightly with a felting needle.

spliting prefelt

This is how it looked after felting once.

seaside 1 after firs felting

I forgot to take one after it was finished but I all became flat and slightly blurred. I decided to add some stitching

seaside 1 after sewing

It gives it much more definition. you can see how flat and blurred the house and boat edges are. I was thinking of going around the house pieces and the boats. Maybe add some little grass tuffs. and underline the waves in white. What do you think, should I add more stitching?





15 thoughts on “Some Felt Pictures for Summer

  1. The seaside pictures–in my opinion–are fine the way they are. While embellishment may add more dimension, I don’t feel as though every felt picture has to be “just so.” I just finished a felt picture using similar techniques but making a city scene…so tempting to add stitching, but so far, not doing it! Having said that, hand embroidery would be relaxing as well. 😉

    1. Thanks Luvswool, I have to say it looks better in the picture than in person without the stitching. The edges all seem much more blurred and melted into the background in person. the depth the stitches give doesn’t show up as well in the pictures. The stitching sinks in quite a bit. I just took a low angle picture and put it on the forum under wet felting.

  2. I love beach scenes. I just checked out the picture on the forum and you’re right, the houses are a little blurred into the background. Since you’ve already outlined the windows a little more stitching may balance out the stitching so the windows don’t pop off the piece. Maybe outline the houses in the colors they are? Just a suggestion. Isn’t it wonderful summer is finally here?

    1. Thanks, I think you are probably right I wonder if doing it with invisible thread would work. I don’t relish changing colours that often.

    1. Thanks Judy. I was thinking that next time I may not put the windows on and then just add them with stitching, maybe in a metallic. I would like to do everything smaller but the windows are problematic.

  3. As you’ve already started stitching, I think a little on the roofs and boat hulls would look good (the towels on the beach look better with stitching).

    It’s a joyous picture with lovely summery colours!

  4. I like the stitching and if you do it all in black it would make it look more “sketchy”. Like a pen outline. Great idea for summer 🙂

  5. So cute, Ann! I like it the way it is right now, it reminds me of children’s drawings (just like the inspirational images). However, you might not lose much in adding some stitching either, so why not go for it?

  6. It’s a shame we can’t just photocopy felt pieces to try a few different ideas out isn’t it? 🙂
    I like the way it turned out.

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