Ready, set… plan!

Ready, set… plan!

Have you thought about what your goal is for your business?  To help you incorporate the marketing concepts we’ve previously discussed into a marketing strategy to understand your goal, I am going to use the Felt and Fiber Studio Forum as an example of a business.


Here is a quick recap of our previous marketing concepts blogs:

  • The six P’s of marketing — Product, Price, Promotion, Placement, Positioning, PR/Publicity and People
  • The customer is key.
  • Identifying customer problems and product benefits (Ideal buyers — our strategic assets)
  • Communicating with customers for market research

With these concepts in mind, we’ll develop a marketing goal which will be the basis of a marketing plan for the Forum.

Marketing and PR Strategy Planning Template for:

Company —  Felt and Fiber Studio Forum

  • Who (members/customers)
    • Fiber enthusiasts from all over the world working/playing in a variety of art forms

    pile of batts

  • What (problems the forum solves for members) also the Forum Product
    • Information, sharing, techniques, resources, engaging experts, experience, problem solving
    • What actions does the Forum want members to take
      • Participation
  • Why (How is the forum remarkable?) (Positioning)
    • It is self supported, membership of experienced to novice fiber enthusiasts around the world, full of resources for a variety of fiber arts, free to the user (Price)


  • How
    • Personality — friendly, giving, nonjudgmental  (Positioning)
    • Creative/Design (Look and feel) — fiber graphic, easy to navigate  (Positioning)
    • Tone of Voice — casual  (Positioning)
    • Keyword Phrases — Fiber, Nuno Felting, Weaving, Knitting, Dyeing, Needle Felting, Wet Felting, Spinning, Crocheting, Surface Design, Business, Fiber Festivals, Studio Challenges, Wool and Other Fibers, Hand Stitching, Machine Stitching, Fiber Marketplace, General Discussion, Shows and Classes, Take a Stitch Tuesday, Beads/Beading  (PR/Publicity and Promotion) — This is how members find us with search words in addition to word of mouth.
    • Marketing Tactics and Content Strategy –Blog, Facebook, free tutorials, quarterly challenges, quarterly newsletter, welcome email, occasional giveaways, holiday exchange, resources for information, supplies, tools, links to other blogs, resources (Network of People and Promotion)
  • notepadWhen — Things to do today, next week (Actions to take)
    • Blog posts every other day by Moderators or guests (Promotion)
    • Monitor posts daily, encourage members to post new projects, questions, resources, events


Generally, the goal of the Felt and Fiber Studio Forum is to build a community of fiber enthusiasts who can share their work, ideas, techniques, resources and get information and questions answered in a friendly, caring environment.

The Driving Action for the goals of the Forum are primarily:

  • Participation
    • Registering to be a member
    • Like on Facebook
    • Subscribe to the Studio blog
    • Participate in conversations and/or challenges on the Forum
  • Download free tutorials
  • Ask questions, submit projects, tutorials, resources (share)
  • Refer the Forum to friends (word of mouth)

road mapThis is a road map of the thought process of planning our marketing strategy and understanding our business goals.  You can use this as a general guideline to ask yourselves the same questions about your business.

Ready, set….plan!  What does your road map look like?

Look for more discussion on the Forum





15 thoughts on “Ready, set… plan!

  1. Most of us probably need this friendly kick up the rear. I would think that a lot of creative people just bumble along and hope for the best. Your explanation is clear and easy and understand.

  2. Thanks Lyn! I was going for clear and easy. :-). I hope it helps.

  3. Thanks for this, Marilyn 🙂 Would we be able to use this to see where we aren’t reaching our full potential ? Either the Forum and here at the blog or for anyone using this for their own business?

    1. Yes, that’s coming Zed. 🙂 I trying to do baby steps.

  4. You’ve given us a lot to think about, and I think it was a great idea to use the Forum as your example. I don’t have a road map, but now at least I am thinking about it!

    1. Thanks Cathy! I thought the forum would be something easy enough for everyone to understand and relate to. It takes some good research and planning to start the process.

  5. Great explanation. The examples make it much easier to understand and use. A little teaching on the side to artsy people may be a good sideline for you.

    1. Thanks Ann, I’ll consider consulting, but right now I’m offering it here for free. 🙂 there is no quick way to develop a plan. It takes time, research, thought, execution then evaluation.

  6. Know yourself and your market. I no longer live in big cities and can’t travel easily. I concentrate on a more rural, big town life. Networking with local artists and having memberships in art guilds allows me to keep my finger on the pulse of the area. We are a college town, so I offer classes for students and teachers. I sell mostly to other artists. I use my presence on my blog to showcase my work and update this monthly. I offer tutorials on the blog. I have more work than I can do. It just takes time to develop yourself and your market. Reading over all of your points lets me know that I am on the right track. Thanks Ann. You have some really good advice.

    1. Excellent Judy! You’re right, it does take time to know your market and develop networks.

  7. I’m glad I know some of the whys and hows of my business, but surely I could do better… Thanks for writing about this, Marilyn, it’s really useful!

    1. Thanks Leonor! It takes time and effort. It’s hard when you’re trying to keep up production and doing all the things you need to do in life. 🙂

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