Felt Bird House Class.

Felt Bird House Class.

Last week I taught 3 ladies from my guild how to make felt Bird houses.

There was rubbing

Alison in working Nancy and rollingLinda rubbing

and rolling

Alison rolling



and more rubbing

Nancy rubbing

Then the really fun part, scrunching and throwing. Sorry to say no non blurry pictures.

After that they rinsed their houses and blew up balloons inside so the will dry nice and round.

Nancy finished Alison finnished

Lynda made the hole a little bigger to use it as a bird feeder instead of a bird house.

Linda finished

30 thoughts on “Felt Bird House Class.

  1. The bird houses turned out great! Just wondering how they hold up in all kinds of weather?

    1. Thanks. they are fine in the weather felt is fairly water resistant. Dryer than a nest anyway. We have had a feeder out since September last year. It is fine. It is purple and orange. The purple has faded a lot in the sun but the orange is still vibrant.

  2. Ooooh! Clever to use a balloon to keep the shape! Also, what neat contraption are your students rubbing with? It’s not a palm washboard…is it?

    1. Thanks you Juliane. The contraption is a starburst Tupperware lid. it is for a juice jug. they did not make them for years and all mine came form garage sales. They have started making them again. I priced them and they are $21 as a replacement lid. The whole jug was on sale for $22. buy a lid get a jug for $1. ;o)

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous! I could make one with the wool which is pretty rough and not good for anything wearable. Tell me, do the birds really nest in these houses? If so, I am definitely going to make one and hang it next to the feeding house.

    1. we used Corriedale wool for theses but courser wools work just fine. People tell me that birds nest in them. I have to many barn cats to get anything to nest. the chickadees did use into the one we have hung for a feeder. the cats can’t sneak up when there are no leaves. even if nothing gos in them the look great hanging in the yard.

  4. Looks like a great class Ann. I have had one out now for 3-4 years and it is still holding up. It has a few sticks inside but I don’t think a bird ever nested in it. Of course the other one got eaten by a squirrel and didn’t fare as well.

    1. I can’t put it in the back because of the squirrel but I could move it further out in the trees and see what happens. I will try to remember to do that 🙂

  5. It looks like everyone had a great time 🙂
    They do look good even if they don’t get used.

  6. These are gorgeous and I would LOVE to make one. I am very new to felting and need specific instructions and list of materials needed. Could you please direct me to a ” pattern” or tutorial to learn how to make these? I would love to make some for Christmas gifts.

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