Finished Necklace, now Bracelet

Finished Necklace, now Bracelet

Last time I showed you my necklace with the balls inside. Next was cutting some of the ball out.

bubble bracelet 1

At this point I still like the idea of a necklace but have no idea how to sting it. To me it needs a chunky chain or something to go with it. I suppose I could make some felt snakes for it but I like necklaces to sit fairly high so It would need a clasp and I don’t know how to do that. I decided to make it into a bracelet. I added a nice button that matches the inside of the bubbles. I did a blanket stitch around the buttonhole to stabilise it.

bubble bracelet closebubble bracelet button hole

While I was in the mood I finished up 2 samples for a class I am teaching in May. This is a 2 hour class so it had to be small and fast. This is  a class I don’t get paid to do so I am sort of testing out an idea too. I am thinking of proposing it as a class at an upcoming fiber event. I am writing instructions for it and thinking maybe I would make up some kits to sell.

nuno braclets 2

The one a the top is an older one and the other 2 are the new ones. I don’t much like the pink and blue flower on but everyone I show it to likes it so I guess it’s just me. I think  it’s because I don’t much like the fabric and it doesn’t have much texture and that’s what I like about nuno felt.

23 thoughts on “Finished Necklace, now Bracelet

  1. Ann, I like how your bracelet turned out, particularly the contrast provided by the cut-out balls. In cold climes, it could double as a wrist-warmer! LOL I wondered how it would look as a necklace with the addition of leather strips?

  2. The bracelet turned out great. I love the color contrast. I have to learn to do clasps as well. There are a few projects I’d like to do that would need a clasp. I’ll have to do some research or maybe some in the forum knows how. I see a lot of necklaces with fabric cord and a loop and knit system for a closure.

    Good luck with the class. I think it’s a great idea to have kits available to sell. My favorite is the blue green piece. Perhaps you can bring other examples of your work like the necklace and fingerless mitts to show there are lots of possibilities with felt.

    1. Thanks Marilyn, I don’t think I’ve seen fabric cords or the knit ones.
      Class should be good. I will bring extras and if I can find some time( and inclination at the same time) I would like to do a brochure type thing with the classes I teach.
      For instructions I think I will need my sons help with the pictures. There are some you just can’t take by yourself.

  3. I like the small piece, bottom right, there’s something about it that’s very appealing!

    The idea from luvswool about using leather would be worth thinking about – leather and felt look great together.

    1. Thanks Lyn, I really like that one too. In person it looks like a face with the nose in the rushed silk fabric They are all the same length but the bottom two are done up. I will have to do some looking around to see some leather necklaces.

  4. The contrast in the ball bracelet is wonderful. I need to learn a little jewelry making techniques as well but I never really make jewelry pieces so it is far down on my last of to do’s. The class idea is to make bracelets? I thought for a moment they were pouches. I don’t really care for the flowered fabric one either 🙂

    1. The bubble bracelets are fun to make. They sell fairly well.
      Yes the class is for a nuno bracelet. We only have 2 hours so it has to be small and fast.

  5. I absolutely love the cut-out balls, they just add that touch of elegance to the necklace. Very well done, Ann!

    As for the kits, it’s also something I’m planning to do in the near future. Get a few Beta Testers to see how they fared with your instructions, it really helps 🙂

  6. I imagine felted bands in different colours tied at intervals with yarn or even leather and then multi stranded together. Alternatively could you knit I cord, felt it in the washer and plait three strands together to give a chunky rope?

  7. Ann, I have been given a few necklaces over the years which have leather cords, and I find them very comfortable to wear. Like felt, they can be very lightweight, and if the cords are rounded, they have an elegant and smooth appearance. Would love to see your bubbles on a necklace!

  8. My favourite is the bottom right, perhaps because they are my colours. I think a leather thong would be good for the necklace and won’t be uncomfortable against the skin. You can get some nice little “crimp ends” to attach the cord/thong to the felt, they come in many shapes and sizes and you’ll probably find them under “jewellery findings” if you’re looking on line.

    1. Thank you, I like the top one best, but I have been in a very blue green mood for a while now. I like the texture of the other one. I am going to have to look into some jewelry techniques.

  9. The contrast inside the bubbles works really well, Ann 🙂 I like the bluey green piece too. I’ve had some jewellery findings for leather thongs, there are two parts, a spiral with a loop for one end, and a spiral with a hook on the loop for the other, you slide the thing in and clamp it down to secure.

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