Getting Organised.

Getting Organised.

Like just about everyone getting organised is one of my goals for the new year. As you can see nothing stacks and it’s a mess. I can’t get to the selves to get anything or put anything away.

the problem

To that end I bought some storage bins. I got 2 large ones with the attached lids the open down the middle. These are for white and black merino. I always have larger quantities of them. I got some small ones for yarn and shoe box size for smaller quantities.


I took my yarn out of the cardboard box and bags in a bin and now they are sorted and easy to see.

yarn sorted

Some Yarn to ply and to dye.

to ply and to dye

I also did my thread. Here it all is on the new shelves I got for Christmas. It’s a start but there is much more to do.


The other things that’s happened over the Christmas holidays.

triplets These 3 are on bottles, 2 moms but one had no  milk and one that wasn’t in the least bit interested. They are in a bigger pen in my basement. they get bottles 4 times a day.

These two were born last Friday morning when it was -39.

pink lamb gray lamb

They are both boys even though one is in a pink coat. Their mommy loves them very much. They had a heat lamp for the first couple of days.  The weather has warmed up so they don’t have coats anymore. There have been a few more (10 at last count) that are still with their mothers. Hopefully not to many more in this cold. The ram was breeding some later in the fall so fingers crossed. The young fellow we thought was a wether ( neutered) and is infact a ram has been penned up separately for possible use next year.

17 thoughts on “Getting Organised.

  1. The see-through crates are a good idea Ann – it’s so much easier to work when your stuff is organised, easy to see and to access……..but it takes longer to organise than you think doesn’t it!

    Your house-guests look very contented and you must be really busy looking after them.

  2. You have been busy reorganising Ann! I’m in the progress of organising my little craft room too – so far I’ve got as far as being able to see the floor and surfaces. Now have to start on tidying and sorting the boxes, together with all the materials which seem to have migrated to various other places. 🙂

    What breed of sheep are these?

    1. Thanks Koffipot, it’s getting there. Things migrate from my space to the house all the time. Every once and a while I have to gather it all up and return it. The sheep aren’t purebred. they are commercial sheep not meant for wool. The mom is mostly a Suffolk. the Dad is a white sheep. The lambs have black spots. We have some Canadian and Rideau Arcots mixed in. They are Canadian breads that were developed close to where I live.

  3. Boy Ann you are busy, busy, busy. Isn’t is crazy that you always make a bigger mess when trying to get organized? Good for you, you’ve made a great start. I use bins as well as shoe storage for my roving, but it seems I’ve always got a pile of stuff out on the daybed so I remember what I want to work on. Sigh! I did buy another closet organizer to stack fabric and other odds and ends. It’s a never ending process I guess.

    Your lambs are so cute, but it sounds like a big job just feeding them.

    1. Yes you need to make a mess to get things sorted out. It takes longer to make up the milk than it does for them to drink it. they a little woolly piggy’s. The kids help too so its not so bad. Much easier when they are born in warmer weather.

  4. Aren’t you doing a good job! Do you want to come to my house next and get me organized? Where are those minions when you need them?

    Love your lamb photos. They are always so cute. I, too, would like to know more about the breeds that you have. You must have told us before but I have forgotten. 🙂

    1. Thanks Ruth, I will come in the summer and stay in the yurt. :O) Minions would be very handy. Mom is mostly Suffolk, there is Rideau and Canadian Arcot mixed in too. I like black sheep so I usually keep the black females. At some point it will be all we have. We are trying to keep the flock small now.

  5. Amazing! How reassuring to know that someone else’s craft room looks just like mine! I too have been out buying containers since the Christmas hols as I just dumped all the remainders from the jobs/gifts I was finishing! Spent a lovely day (I do love pottering through my craft stuff) sorting and labelling buttons and beads – fabrics and wools next – trouble is – I have to do this every couple of months – I have so many projects in various places around the house! – I get lazy (as there is just me to think about I leave a project out for the next day, then visitors arrive or I have to go out unexpectedly & it’s thrust onto a heap somewhere to be sorted again!) Happy Days! I MUST be resolute in my schedules this year – and put things away into their new (labelled!) storage homes.

    Thinking of you guys across the pond at the moment with your snow and freezing weather – we have another sort of disturbance in the UK with Winds, Rain and Floods – Haven’t been flooded out yet myself but its pretty miserable travelling and going out anywhere – (one more excuse to stay in and craft!)
    Enjoy those new furry babies!

    1. I tend to put things down and think I will put that away later. After all these years you would think I would know that I won’t.
      It is cold where i am but colder still in the west but we are set up to handle it. I like snow better than cold rain. I had heard you were blowing a gale and flooding and in south Australia they are burning up. Stay safe everyone.

  6. The tubs are a great idea, Ann 🙂 I wish I had room for more. I do labelling like Denise, though last time I used some old stickers I’d brought back from my mums and they turned out to have lost their stickiness 🙂
    That Yarn in the ziploc bag looked like a kitten as I scrolled down 🙂

  7. Great tips on organization! Somewhere I read that wool fibers should not be stored in plastic bags or boxes…have you found this to be a problem? Some of my fibers are in plastic boxes with the lids left ajar, and others are in cardboard boxes so they can breathe.

    1. Thank you, I haven’t had a problem but I am in and out of the boxes all the time and they are not compressed at all. Paper is supposed to be better for long term storage.

  8. Quite inspiring – the organization and easy access…’fishes wishes…’

    Sadly, my fiber is stored in those giant boxes that World of Wool uses…and then inside each box is a Wingham Bag, with zip locked bags of fiber – an advert for the wonders of the letter W, but not the greatest for finding stuff (even though I’ve sorted by cool, warm and natural shades).

    1. The part that is done looks good. I won’t show you the rest :O) Sorting it the way you use it is important. Having someone else organise their way doesn’t work. sometimes you have to organise it, find what you did in not working and try something else.

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