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I took over one end of my living room for felting/art and crafts a few years ago when I realised it’d never be used as a ‘conventional’ living room again, though to be fair, it’s never been what most people would call conventional anyway! Alhough it was better than what I’d had before, it wasn’t brilliant. I was putting something away last week, shoving things out of the way, leaning over boxes to get what I wanted and thought there must be a better way to organise the room so I’m not contorting myself all the time. I tried to picture things moved around, and had an idea of what I wanted, but thought I could do with something to help me visualise it better. I suppose I could have found some fancy site online or something, but went for simplicity: paper, pen and tape measure. I taped a couple of pieces of paper together to make a scale outline of my room, then measured everything in it and made cut-outs. Then I put them in the places where they were:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou can see there was space, but it wasn’t very functional, and since no one ever sits and watches telly, it seemed such a waste that there was a large amount between the couch and tv which was unusable. I started to move the outlines around to where I wanted them, and was quite surprised that they fit almost exactly how I imagined:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThat was easy enough, I thought, so shifting a few boxes around should only take a few hours. Ha ha. About 3 and a half days more like it. But it works, much better than I thought actually. There’s a bigger area where the free space is ‘consolidated’. And it was nice having somewhere to sit and rest and flick through my plant books in between moving stuff. This is the table end, with my carder and some fibre boxes on the left, and wool and some more fibre boxes on the right:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese are the boxes on the right, I inherited the red box, it has wheels, I wish all the bottom ones did!:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd these are the book cases. I have another on the left, you can just see the edge of it and the corner of the couch (and yes, eagle eyed Brits, that is a 1960’s candlewick bedspread as a throw!) and the other book case actually has books on it. I bought the middle book case as a replacement for the little one on the end, but that soon filled up:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs you can see, I have a nice collection of shoe boxes. I could make it look neater and buy some more plastic storage tubs, but it seems so wasteful to recycle cardboard, and then buy plastic, so I’ll go for messy over tidy. It hardly matters when it’s all out across the floor anyway!  The big yellow Dunlop box contains my tubs of threads and yarns scraps, filling up nicely for the 4th Quarter challenge. How do you organise your studio and felting supplies? Do you have any tips for being tidy or efficient?

Moving Studio Space.

Moving Studio Space.

I am moving my studio over one room. The space is exactly the same size. You would think no problem, easy peasy. Not so. You still have to empty all the shelves and pack up everything. I did get a new old set of shelves that holds my wool better.

I moved the carder and my felting table in to one end.

table end

The door will disappear and the table will move out form the corner once the other room is empty. I have my bins for shows under the table and the one set of storage bins under the end.

The other end has my book case, wool and other fiber storage.

storage end overallThe clothes wrack is on wheels I got it at the Target going out business sale.

storage end 1 storage end 2

I should have enough room to do some teaching. I have room to put up a couple of 6 foot tables.  I like the way it’s set up it’s not crowded and feels more inviting than the old set up. I am really looking forward to getting back to work in it.

Did you feel the but coming? The problem is the stuff that’s left behind. I want most of it but what to do with it. For the moment and I hope short term it will be packed up and be stored. the sewing machine will go into the nest room along that eventually will be mine but it needs to be renovated and the plumbing fixed so I have sinks. Then I will have no excuse for not washing the fleeces I have.

left overs 1 left overs 2

You never know how much stuff you have until you have to move it. :O)


Getting Organised.

Getting Organised.

Like just about everyone getting organised is one of my goals for the new year. As you can see nothing stacks and it’s a mess. I can’t get to the selves to get anything or put anything away.

the problem

To that end I bought some storage bins. I got 2 large ones with the attached lids the open down the middle. These are for white and black merino. I always have larger quantities of them. I got some small ones for yarn and shoe box size for smaller quantities.


I took my yarn out of the cardboard box and bags in a bin and now they are sorted and easy to see.

yarn sorted

Some Yarn to ply and to dye.

to ply and to dye

I also did my thread. Here it all is on the new shelves I got for Christmas. It’s a start but there is much more to do.


The other things that’s happened over the Christmas holidays.

triplets These 3 are on bottles, 2 moms but one had no  milk and one that wasn’t in the least bit interested. They are in a bigger pen in my basement. they get bottles 4 times a day.

These two were born last Friday morning when it was -39.

pink lamb gray lamb

They are both boys even though one is in a pink coat. Their mommy loves them very much. They had a heat lamp for the first couple of days.  The weather has warmed up so they don’t have coats anymore. There have been a few more (10 at last count) that are still with their mothers. Hopefully not to many more in this cold. The ram was breeding some later in the fall so fingers crossed. The young fellow we thought was a wether ( neutered) and is infact a ram has been penned up separately for possible use next year.

Sewing, Felt Hat to Purse, Felt Boots.

Sewing, Felt Hat to Purse, Felt Boots.

Last time I told you about organising one section of my room and clearing off the table. My next area is the sewing area. It’s coming along. It started like this:

sewing area before

There is also a bunch of stuff on the floor under and around it that you can’t see in the picture. I have made progress but the shelves to the bookcase have disappeared so it’s hard to fill them up. I did switch the old singer that needs a part for a newer one. I haven’t tried it but it may need a cleaning. I still have the pfaff I can use. I want to set it up for free motion embroidery. It is a work in progress

As part of trying to do some fiber art everyday I have been working on converting a hat to a purse, well, 3 hats actually. The hats started out looking like this:

hat to purse 2

I cut the holy part off and did this:

hat to purse 1

This should add some interest with great texture.

Here is one that has the texture done. The colour on the left one is more what it looks like I think it’s called Laurel.

hat to purse 3 hat to purse 4

I had planed to get the lining in before posting but that didn’t happen. I will show you when I get it done. It will also get a zipper too. I haven’t decided if it should be a clutch or I should find some sort of strap for it. What do you think?

Lastly I have started my on-line boot class. It took me  a while to convince You Tube to let me see the videos and then my Internet went out for a week. So all I managed to do was my sample and get my pattern drawn out.  The sample of gray Finn wool shrank a little more than 50%.


There was a lot of measuring and some math to get the pattern the correct size for the shrinkage.  This is what it looks like at the moment.

boot patten

My mom came for a visit so I couldn’t lay out the boots today. I decided I want to make a leave motif on the boots when they are done so I cut out leaf shapes in white and black. the booths are gray. I stretched a couple with some vintage “artisanal silk”. I am told it’s not real silk but its pretty.  I don’t know if I like it. I was thinking of sewing some veins on with my machine to see how that looks. I have some dissolvable interfacing I thought if I put the leaves on that I should be able to stitch them.


So I haven’t been able to actually do some fiber art every day but I have been thinking about it everyday and getting to play most days.

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