Moving Studio Space.

Moving Studio Space.

I am moving my studio over one room. The space is exactly the same size. You would think no problem, easy peasy. Not so. You still have to empty all the shelves and pack up everything. I did get a new old set of shelves that holds my wool better.

I moved the carder and my felting table in to one end.

table end

The door will disappear and the table will move out form the corner once the other room is empty. I have my bins for shows under the table and the one set of storage bins under the end.

The other end has my book case, wool and other fiber storage.

storage end overallThe clothes wrack is on wheels I got it at the Target going out business sale.

storage end 1 storage end 2

I should have enough room to do some teaching. I have room to put up a couple of 6 foot tables.  I like the way it’s set up it’s not crowded and feels more inviting than the old set up. I am really looking forward to getting back to work in it.

Did you feel the but coming? The problem is the stuff that’s left behind. I want most of it but what to do with it. For the moment and I hope short term it will be packed up and be stored. the sewing machine will go into the nest room along that eventually will be mine but it needs to be renovated and the plumbing fixed so I have sinks. Then I will have no excuse for not washing the fleeces I have.

left overs 1 left overs 2

You never know how much stuff you have until you have to move it. :O)


22 thoughts on “Moving Studio Space.

  1. So much space, oh, I envy you. Moving is a good thing – on the one hand you see what you have and on the other you get things more organised. Hope you enjoy your new studio.

    1. I am very lucky to have so much space. I did get many more bins to store things in. the other space was over crowded with hardly any room to move.

  2. Hard work Ann! When moving you should ‘de-clutter’ and get rid of stuff you don’t use thereby freeing up space…..BUT… answer to that, any crafty person will say it’s impossible because all stash is grist to the mill.

    1. I have been declutteing Lyn. I have thrown out stuff and given stuff away but still there is more. there is a whole large shelving unit out in storage already. Its all good stuff an I have plans for all of it. I am not sure I will live long enough to do them all.

  3. Good to see your de-cluttering process. But, yes–very difficult to part with goods that may have a future. Reminds me of the drawers filled with lovely quilting fabric I may need some day. 😉

    1. It is hard to get rid of good stuff. the open cupboard in the left over room is full of nonfelting fiber. I think most of it will go except the leather for purse and slipper bottoms.

  4. Wonderful space Ann! I’ve been trying to reorganize my space and have come up with several alternatives, but I haven’t made a change yet. I have a much smaller space restricted by lamps on the walls and a furnace room door. So any shelving has to be just the right size, plus I have the felting machine taking up one wall. I like your shelf storage for the roving. It’s what I’m looking for in that special size. 🙁

    1. Thanks Marilyn. the black shelve s are utility shelves form Home depot and are sturdy but ugly. The nice wood one is second hand. write down your measurements so if your out at garage sales or second hand stores you can check sizes.

  5. I’d love to have all that space! The difficulty with being tidy and organised is forgetting what you do have, so even if you save it, if it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind. For me anyway! I hope you get it just how you like it.

    1. Yes I like clear bins so I have a hope of finding things. I am getting better about labelling too. I have a new chair for the space so I will have some place to sit comfortably to do finishing work.

  6. Such a lovely space, it makes me realise how much I need to reorganise our little room here! It is so hard to get rid of things when you can be sure you will probably need it a week late if you do!! I’ve been there too many times! 🙂

  7. I so envy your space, Ann! I wish I had half of that. Moving is a lot of work, but then you get to reorganise and do inventory, which is great! Now you know exactly what fibres you have 🙂

  8. It looks great, and I do wish I had more room as well. I don’t envy you all the work put into packing and moving though. The end result looks worth the time and effort!

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