This week on the farm

Sorry for the late post everyone, It will probably show up as tomorrow for those in the UK. I have been busy with more mitts and getting ready for a sale tomorrow.

The other thing I made this week was some felted soap. This the soap all wrapped up in nylons ready to go. I sit in front of the TV with a bucket to do these.

soap before

soap finished and packedand this is them all packed and ready to go

This week we had some surprises. First the snow flurries seems more like a dump. This is the entrance to the building my studio is in.

Studio door tuesday

And on the same day we had unexpected triplets. Here is the coldest one getting warmed up by my daughter.

cold lamb getting warm

And to top it off Mom had no milk so in came her brothers.


It was snowing hard today again. But we do not want to be all doom and gloom it makes for some very pretty scenes. This is out my front door tonight.

outside tonight

If you where here yesterday there where no pictures because of a snow storm making for a bad internet connecting.  This morning it has stopped snowing for a while in favour of freezing rain but it does mean a better internet connection so I guess that’s the silver lining in the clouds. Wish me luck as I drive to my show this morning.

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19 Responses to This week on the farm

  1. Marilyn Nelson says:

    Understood Ann, you’ve been busy amidst bad weather. Good luck with the sale tomorrow. I look forward to pictures when the internet is more cooperative. Can’t wait to see the newborns! Aand of course the felt items. 🙂

  2. Marilyn Nelson says:

    No problem Ann. We’re hoping to avoid a storm to go down to FL to see our grand kids. We live in the country, too, but probably not as remote as you. 🙂 Hang in there!

    • we aren’t really remote. We aren’t on a main road so we don’t get cable or internet of fiber optic phones. Usually we have the best of both worlds.

  3. Marilyn Nelson says:

    Yes, we do, too!

  4. Lyn says:

    Looking forward to seeing the pictures Ann – but I don’t envy you the snow! We have rain but that doesn’t stop me getting about.
    Good luck with the sale and I hope the bad weather doesn’t put people off attending.

    • Thank you Lyn. When you get notice of this reply there will be pictures for you to see. I don’t usually go out in freezing rain but snow doesn’t slow us much.

  5. Lyn says:

    You have your hands full with ‘babies’ don’t you? The one on your daughter’s lap looks very happy to be pampered (and it would seem that your daughter is happy to do it judging by her smiling face).

    The snow looks pretty but I’m happier with our rain – although it’s accompanied by very high winds so it’s actually coming down sideways.

    Love the tree!

    • It seems that every year a ram manages to sheep in with the sheep to give us a surprise. It’s a good ting I am not house proud. The lamb was pretty cold but we got her warmed up and she is just fine now.
      I am not fond of sideways rain. It only ever seems to do that when it’s cold rain.

  6. Marilyn Nelson says:

    The babies are cute. Looks like you have plenty of nice goodies for the show. Good luck!

    • Thank you Marilyn. It was a slow show today but I did aright. I hope tomorrow is better. Even if its not they will store till next year and I will have a good head start.

    • Marilyn Nelson says:

      Hopefully tomorrow is better! It’s great they will store your inventory. But perhaps you can sell your fingerless mitts and soaps on etsy in the mean time.

    • Storage is at my house. I should get my etsy store up and running, but there seems to be so many people selling felt there now.

    • Marilyn Nelson says:

      Sorry I didn’t get the storage thing right. Hmmm. Not everyone sells the same things. There has to be a way to set your products apart.

  7. zedster66 says:

    The soaps look great Ann 🙂 I always feel like my soap shrinks faster than the wool and the felt is always ‘loose’. That’s quite a lot of snow! You always do seem to get a few early surprise lambs, don’t you 🙂
    I hope the sale went well.

    • Not sure what the problem is Zed maybe your soap isn’t very hard. maybe try it with a different soap. Or wash more vigorously? lol
      Yes we always seem to have a few surprises. The rams can be very sneaky.

  8. lizseville says:

    Thank you. Another blog I’ve enjoyed. Have a lovely Christmas. I hope the lambs thrive.

  9. ruthlane says:

    Always love the lamb photos – I have tried to comment on this for days. Hope this works 🙂

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