Busy Busy Busy

Busy Busy Busy

Hi Everyone and sorry this is late !!

I’ve been well and truly getting into this mixed media lark now, I’m having so much fun trying new things, being inspired by amazing mixed media artist and well just plain having a go lol

I”ve finished off a few little tags using cardstock, gesso, paints, lots of bits and bobs, sari ribbon and yarn, mechanicals, buttons, coins, papers, silks anything and everything that I can get my hands on !! And waiting for the postman as we speak 🙂







I’ve also made a little teeny sort of a house, I’ve followed a tutorial on Luthiuns blog http://www.alteredalchemy.com/ she makes the most amazing things,  originally made from copper sheet , this one is my practise one using card stock and I even made the little leather  book, the whole thing is only about an inch long and it was so much fun.  I’m now waiting for some copper sheets to arrive so that I can make a real one lol

house  i think i went a bit mad and made some little books,  just in case !


Ive made another foil art journal to and im just trying to keep myself very busy



I know I’ve gone away from felting for a while but I really cant help it, I’m having a great time and learning lots, im going to try to and make some silk paper today to use

Now for some news and I wasn’t sure I was going to say anything but I decided that I would.

I was talked into taking some of my things into our local gallery, I had to sit in with their members and kind of have an interview, ( if I had have know about that I probably wouldn’t have gone,)   having to show what I make and explain how its done was fairly intimidating, but  once I was there I couldn’t back out ( the lady that talked me into it was there waiting for me lol   So once we’d talked through everything   I had to leave so they could discuss me !!!!   and i’d hear from them out in a day or so for the verdict 🙂 .  Well as you know me I thought ok, that’s the end of that 🙂    But to my surprise the president rang and said they’d wanted my things  in there !!!!!!  Im meeting with her again on the 1st of may and taking the  mixed media pieces,  (that’s what they wanted) .  So now I’m quite excited and hopefully I can sell some things in their gallery.  I have to add that was a huge huge huge thing for me to do but Im  glad now and looking forward to seeing what comes of it .

Then I was also offered a fantastic sewing machine as a gift, I haven’t had a chance to collect it yet but I know its an awesome one coming from the lady that owns it.  She has no need for it anymore and she’s more than happy for me to become the new owner, so im excited !

Do you think it was my week, yeahhhhhh    and after the last few weeks we’ve had here it feels good to have some happy positive things happen 🙂

15 thoughts on “Busy Busy Busy

  1. Karen – your tags are great and I love the little books. Can’t wait to see the copper houses. Congratulations on getting into the gallery, I’m so glad they liked your mixed media work. How exciting and a new sewing machine too!!

    1. Thanks Ruth, i’ve had a lot of fun this week keeping myself busy and i am pretty happy to get into the gallery xo

  2. You have good reason to be cheerful – well done for being accepted into the gallery and I like the tags (especially the ‘love’ one) and the gift of a sewing machine is something to look forward to.

    1. Thanks Lyn, i think the love one is my favorite to and i really cant wait to get that sewing machine lol

  3. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your wonderful news. Your tags and little house are lovely, working in miniature isn’t easy, very nimble fingers required.

    Good luck.

  4. You’re well overdue for nice things to happen, Kaz 🙂
    The new book looks great and the tags are lovely. Well done with the gallery, I hope you sell lots of stuff 🙂

  5. Congratulations Karen. They are all lovely pieces and look like they were fun to make. It’s great not only for the opportunity to show at the gallery, but a sewing machine to boot, Enjoy!

  6. Wow, you must be living right. What good fortune. You are really talented, Karen. I saw a necklace that had 3 of those tiny books on it. It sure was interesting.

  7. your mixed media work is beautiful, I’m not surprised they wanted to sell your pieces. Congratulations on getting into the gallery, I hope you are really proud of your self as it’s not an easy thing to achieve!

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