Future Felting

Future Felting

Future felting comes from lambs. Here are some of this years lambs outside enjoying the spring sunshine. Most of our lambs were born in the winter so they are not tiny anymore but they are very cute non the less.

lamb 1 lamb 2 lamb with face markings 2 lamb with face markings

I love the face markings on the two above.

Here is the bottle lamb that was born Christmas day, Chrisy. she thought you would like to she her woolly head close up.

chrissy close up

Here is Chrisy with a last years lamb.

lamb and last years lamb

This week we had a non fiber animal born. We had a little Dexter calf.

calf and mom calf

Despite appearances she is a little girl.  I had a really hard tome getting any pictures. Her mom is very protective and seem to think having her picture taken is a dangerous thing.

Also hanging out with the sheep is Geoffrey the goose and some chickens with their very fancy rooster.

chickens geofery

Soon it will be shearing time I have plans along with a willing friend to make some coats. I hope to get some usable wool. Right now they get so many burs and so much hay in their wool it really isn’t usable. I would also like to get a few black fleeces that aren’t bleached out by the sun.

That’s a snapshot of what going on in the barn yard this week. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.



17 thoughts on “Future Felting

  1. Pretty exciting and cute! Thanks for sharing! I live near farmland and only get drive by glimpses, but I’m always on the lookout especially in spring for new faces.

  2. Great photos, Ann 🙂
    I used to live on the edge of the countryside, but have lived in the city for about 25 years now and still miss it. I hope you get some good usable fleece.

    1. I hope we can get some fleece but they may not like having coats on. I did once have a ram that was very sick and lost all his wool and I made him a coat out of an old wool blanket. He strutted around so full of himself with it on. I don’t think I would like to move back to the city now.

  3. Very pretty markings on those lambs. I love the black ones, it would be good to get some of their fleece before it fades. Lovely little Dexter too.

    I live in sheep country, so I get my lamb fix without having to do the work!! Mostly Swaledales round here, incredibly hardy, with very pretty faces and beautiful horns. Also many Wensleydales with their lovely long ringlets.

    Thanks for sharing your photos.

    1. Thank you, I like the ones with unusual marking s best. I think I have some swaledale to try but haven’t done it yet. I love the long winglets on wensleydales. You are lucky having them so close.

    1. Thank you Rindal. I have no idea what he is. he came as half a pair and the were “free” geese. He doesn’t attack so he got to stay. He sure has a lot to say though, an opinion on everything. :O)

  4. Ann i think i want to come live with you, the pics are gorgeous, we live on an Island but there are a few farms, sheep and cowes and i’d love to be right in the middle of them. We used to live in the country and there’s nothing better than waking up in the morning to the mooing of cowes lol

    1. It is nice to hear the sheep and cows and the goose. The sheep make the most noise if they think it’s feeding time and they see you or if they are being bad. They always give themselves away.

  5. Love the pics, sheep are so cute. Those lambs must bring a smile to your face every day.

    I’ve heard of putting a protective covering on them to keep the wool clean, like a cloth coat… Have you ever tried it?

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