Second Quarter Challenge: Nuno Felt

Second Quarter Challenge: Nuno Felt

This quarters challenge is about nuno felt.  If you have never tried it, try it.  Pick an open weave fine fabric and have ago. If you have tried it before put it on something you have never put it on before. If you make nuno scarves all the time try putting some fabric on a hat or pot or bag.

green hat

If that’s old hat they try some different fabrics, silk, cotton, linen, hemp, or synthetic.

merino and cotton sample
merino and cotton sample

If that’s not enough of a challenge try some fabrics you don’t think will work. Maybe thicker silk or cotton, maybe some lace or a woven plastic.

onion bag

If you need some inspiration you can download Zed great book called:  BEYOND NUNO: A Guide to Using Fabrics in Wet Felting.

Beyond Nuno

Be creative and take Nuno where you have never taken it before. Don’t forget to tell us about what you’ve tried and how it turned out.

14 thoughts on “Second Quarter Challenge: Nuno Felt

  1. I’ve never really tried nuno felting Ann and i’m looking forward to giving it a go, lucky i have zed’s e-book lol

  2. I’ve done a lot of nuno felting, but not recently, so this is a timely reminder that I should have another go.

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