Bird Houses are Done, and A Nuno Felt Pouch for Visa

Bird Houses are Done, and A Nuno Felt Pouch for Visa

I got the bird houses stung and ready to hang. The big round one ended up with a very big hole. I am not sure how I managed to stretch it so much.  I think it will be better as a bird feeder or just a decoration. The purple and orange one ended up with its hole to big and to low down so I made it into a bird feeder for my Mother in Law.

bird house and chickadee 2 bird house and chickadee

I Hung it up near the other bird feeders and despite the wind there was a chickadee in it before I could get back in the door. You have to love chickadees, they are so brave and curios. I will have to make some more like that on purpose.

Here they are all hanging up for their picture.

finished birdhouses 1 finished birdhouses 2

Those are my sons helping hands. The wind saw what we where doing and kept blowing the houses around.

We got a new way of taking visa recently. It’s called square and it works with your smart phone. It’s not very big and I am afraid of loosing it so I put it in a mint tin. Well that is really ugly, no matter how practical. Time to make a pouch for it.

square pouch before felting square pouch after felting

I decided to do a simple sewn pouch so I know it would be the right size when I was done.

square pouch after sewing back square pouch after sewing front

square pouch after sewing closed

I did as second one in green. We have two squares, one for me and one for my husband. Sometimes we are both selling in different places on the same day.

square pouch green back square pouch green front

square pouch green closed

This one was made form a bigger pouch I wasn’t using.

17 thoughts on “Bird Houses are Done, and A Nuno Felt Pouch for Visa

  1. The pods look good – I had to look up ‘chickadee’ as I hadn’t heard of that bird before. They are lovely!
    The pod on the left in the last photo (purple, deep pink and gold bands) would look great indoors as an ornament.

    1. Thank you Lyn. It never occurred to me that chickadees would not be everywhere. They say chickadee dee dee dee when they sing. do you mean to one with the really big mouth? It would be good hung over a desk and you could keep paper clips or your reading glasses in it.

  2. Yes, I had to look up chickadee too, They look very similar to our coal tits.

    The pods look great, so cheerful after a long winter.

    1. Judith, I Had to look up coal tit,:) they do look alike. they are both in the tit family. Are they bold. Chickadees are very bold and will even land on your hand to eat if you are patient. It is nice to see the colour after all the white of winter

  3. I saw chickadees everywhere when we lived in MInnesota. They love the cold weather. The birdhouses all lined up in a row look so nice. What a great idea. So colorful.

    1. Judy do you not have them where you are now? I tell people yes birds will use them but even if they don’t they look so cheery hanging in a tree it doesn’t matter.

  4. They all look very nice. I love the colors! The card case is also a good idea. It’s got too be lighter to carry then the tin.

  5. Ann – the bird houses look great. I love chickadees. I didn’t know that they weren’t in England either. I think the idea to make the big mouthed ones feeders is great. Good idea for the pouch. You don’t want to lose your “square” for sure. We use one like that for selling tickets at the Brewfest so I used one all day today.

  6. Ann the pods are gorgeous all lined up like that , they look so bright and cheery, especially after all that white stuff you’ve had lol

  7. The pods and pouches look great, Ann 🙂
    The seeds in my bird feeder start to sprout if they get wet, you might find you have an accidental garden if you use the pods for that!

    1. Thanks Zed. We stop feeding in about a month so I will clean it out. there is enough seed on the ground after the winter that I think we this fall we could harvest it for next winter. Of course a garden in the feeder might be interesting too.

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