Bird Houses are Moving Along

Bird Houses are Moving Along

Bird houses are moving along. After I cut the holes I rolled them a little I put them in to some pantyhose tops for a trip through the dryer to get some of the fulling done.

bird houses in pantyhose They have balloons inside them.

They tumble for about 20 minuets without any heat. Then it’s back to hand fulling to finish them. I did some with merino and some with romney. Here you can see the shrinkage difference between the wool. The merino ones are on top.

shrinkage comparison 2 shrinkage comparison

Next is they get rinsed and more balloons inside to get them to dry the right shape.

drying with balloons for shape

You will notice that the green ones are not in this picture, this is why:

bird houses bleeding

This is their 10th soak so the next step is to boil them to see if that stops the bleeding.

I will do the finishing work on the bird houses this weekend. Why is the finishing always the hardest part. I will add the hanging sting and hang them up for one final picture for  you.


18 thoughts on “Bird Houses are Moving Along

  1. They’re looking good Ann. I hope the spring arrives soon so the birds can get nesting in them. Still, as you say, they make good garden decorations. 🙂

  2. I’m definitely going to put wool in mine. It’s still snowing here too and the birds must be freezing. They’re looking really good, Ann 🙂

    1. thanks Zed. Let me know how putting wool in goes. someone on the felt list said they did it and the birds kicked it out and then I think she said the squirrels took it.

  3. Don’t make the holes too big if you want to encourage small birds. Tits in particular will only nest where the holes are very small – I forget the measurements.

    1. Yes the hole size will determine what birds go in. I think the size of the bird house effects that too. I am not fussy who goes in so I just go with what ever size they end up. All the holes where cut to about the same size. Some grew more than others. do remember to cut he hole smaller than you want as it will grow with the felting and fulling.

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