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Bird Houses are Moving Along

Bird Houses are Moving Along

Bird houses are moving along. After I cut the holes I rolled them a little I put them in to some pantyhose tops for a trip through the dryer to get some of the fulling done.

bird houses in pantyhose They have balloons inside them.

They tumble for about 20 minuets without any heat. Then it’s back to hand fulling to finish them. I did some with merino and some with romney. Here you can see the shrinkage difference between the wool. The merino ones are on top.

shrinkage comparison 2 shrinkage comparison

Next is they get rinsed and more balloons inside to get them to dry the right shape.

drying with balloons for shape

You will notice that the green ones are not in this picture, this is why:

bird houses bleeding

This is their 10th soak so the next step is to boil them to see if that stops the bleeding.

I will do the finishing work on the bird houses this weekend. Why is the finishing always the hardest part. I will add the hanging sting and hang them up for one final picture for  you.


Bird House Time

Bird House Time

Spring is on the way and its time to start thinking about birdhouses. I have an Easter show. Not much in the way of felt really sells at this sale, it’s mostly about food. Bird houses are the exception. Here they are ready to put to the decorations on and then be put together for felting.

bird houses ready to decorate

This one has its decorations started

start decorating

That is as far as I made it. they have been sitting there for most of the week waiting for me to get back to them. I have hopes for this weekend and when they are done I will show them to you.

the wool I used I died myself. It is sold as washed gray Romney but it is really brown and white. If you card it without dying it, it does end up looking gray.

Undied ronmney

Here is what it looks like if you dye magenta, purple and chartreuse.

dyed romney 2

I love the way the “gray” wools dyes. all the mixed shades you end up with. A spinner friend says its called depth of colour, so it’s not flat.  I wish I could find other breads of wool that were that varied in colour to dye.


What I’ve been up to lately

What I’ve been up to lately

This week I started thinking about spring. It is coming, so to help throw off the February blahs I made some felt bird houses.

They are made form Romney wool. the original wool is a mix or white and brown that I dyed. you get a really nice variation in colour that way.  These still need their strings to hand them up and I think the big one might end up as a squirrel house.

The other thing I did this week was get 2 new book cases to store wool on. I wanted to get all the dyed wool out so I could see it and get all the breed specific wool out so I could see what I have. I thought it would be lots of room but I still have a bin of mixed colours( not in the picture),   I have my white and black wool in a bin each and that works fine and the Romney batts that are at least in a cupboard.  I also  have 8 or so bags of raw wool to be washed.  I need to find a way to store the bin plus of yarn so I can see what I have. It’s just not working to have it all in bags inside a bin. I would like to get the over the door hangers that have all the little clear pockets for the yarn. I haven’t found them anywhere yet. Oh well it is better than it was so I will just have to be satisfied for the moment.

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