Bird House Time

Bird House Time

Spring is on the way and its time to start thinking about birdhouses. I have an Easter show. Not much in the way of felt really sells at this sale, it’s mostly about food. Bird houses are the exception. Here they are ready to put to the decorations on and then be put together for felting.

bird houses ready to decorate

This one has its decorations started

start decorating

That is as far as I made it. they have been sitting there for most of the week waiting for me to get back to them. I have hopes for this weekend and when they are done I will show them to you.

the wool I used I died myself. It is sold as washed gray Romney but it is really brown and white. If you card it without dying it, it does end up looking gray.

Undied ronmney

Here is what it looks like if you dye magenta, purple and chartreuse.

dyed romney 2

I love the way the “gray” wools dyes. all the mixed shades you end up with. A spinner friend says its called depth of colour, so it’s not flat.  I wish I could find other breads of wool that were that varied in colour to dye.


28 thoughts on “Bird House Time

  1. Beautiful! I can’t wait to see the finished cage. Do you use a drum carder or hand card?

    1. Hi I used my big drum carder for these. I have a small industrial one. I do sometimes use a hand turned drum carder for blending smaller amounts.

    2. Thanks. I’m not ready to invest in a drum carder, but I’m curious to learn how things work.

    3. I got mine second hand for a great price. keep an eye on the used sites. Is there a spinning guild nearby, they often rent them if you want to give it a try.

  2. Ann – I love the dyed grey fiber. It’s really nice to get those varied shades. I hope you get time to get the bird houses felted, looking forward to seeing them.

  3. I love the colours and you’re right, the way the grey wools dye is attractive. Looking forward to seeing the bird houses.

  4. The Romney looks gorgeous, both before and after dyeing 🙂
    I took my birdpod down last week and washed it, a lot of the curls have been stolen from it, it looks quite funny.

    1. If they are stealing Zed’s wool, they are probably creating their own nests with it. 🙂

  5. I did put wool up out the front a few years ago, in one of those peanut feeders, but it’s still pretty much there. Maybe they prefer more natural wools, softer and less bright.

  6. Is the making of a felted birdhouse in a tutorial? I really am new to felting and have no idea how to begin. I need a list of products needed and detailed instructions. I LOVE the way your birdhouses turned out. BEAUTIFUL !!!

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