What i’ve been up to !!!

What i’ve been up to !!!

I really don’t have a huge amount to blog about at the moment, but I have added to my tree project in my mixed media course.  I”ve added some more stitching with some leaves and flowers  in straight stitches and French knots and I did try to be very clever and create a picot stitch, ( on the right up the trunk )  I haven’t done one of them before  but I want to do a vine going around and up the tree and in a 3d kind of effect,  so this is my first attempt at that stitch and while I thoroughly enjoyed how it works I will more than likely take those few out and re-do. That was just a bit of practise,  I’ve also added a spider web and the dreaded spider ( sorry zed )  he’s a friendly one lol.   I know that its out of proportion but that’s ok to !

I am really enjoying this and although nothing is perfect  and its not supposed to be, I’m loving how its all coming together.  I still need to add more foliage and I’m not really sure what to do with the background but it does need something, maybe a shrub or to in the far distants.   I’m just taking my time with this project and as things come to mind I’ll be adding them in !


I’ve also been working on another little note book cover , adding stitches and beads and I think I’m getting the hang of it more now.  I made this sheet of felt a while ago and I’m cutting it up to make 3 covers ,  can I tell you how hard it was to cut into that sheet lol  I struggled, held my breath, closed my eyes and made the first cut, let out a big breath and i’m OKAY !!!!

This one has lots of added silks, threads and sari ribbon !

This is the first of the 3, I’ve added stitches and beads and also a couple of my very own hand made beads.  I think I’m getting a lot neater as I go and the reason I’m doing these are all in practise for my so called album cover that I still haven’t picked up again lol   Once I feel that these covers are good enough I might even put them on Etsy lol   it’s a  long shot but we’ll see  🙂  otherwise i’ll save them for gifts !

I havent added any stitches on the back and i’m not sure i will either, I’m fairly happy with the way this turned out and i can only improve “right”

So thats it for me and i’d love to see what everyone else is working on !!!

10 thoughts on “What i’ve been up to !!!

  1. That’s a pretty piece of felt and I can understand the tension when you first put the scissors to it because there’s no going back after that cut is there? But hey, it’s lovely and I like the choice of turquoise beads – just the right colour!

    The tree is amazing. You’ve done such a good job on the bark and the french knot flowers are perfect.

    1. Thankyou so much Lyn, I’m feeling quite happy with my tree so far and it was a little scary cutting into that felt , but it had to be done lol

  2. The tree looks great Kaz, even the spider 🙂
    I love the notebook, I think they’ll sell well on etsy, and the back looks fine how it is.
    I can only cut felt if I make it with the intention of cutting or, or if a long time has passed 🙂

    1. Thankyou Zed I wasnt going to cut that one but i did decide that it would make some nice covers, i’m brave now so the next one will be for cutting to lol

  3. Karen – I think your tree is coming along great. How about some running stitches in the background to denote the horizon and landscape but in muted/grey shades so they look like they’re in the distance? That way your tree is still the focal point but you have something in the background. The notebook cover looks good and I think selling them ETSY is a fine idea.

    1. Thanks Ruth Thats a great idea for the background , i’ll work on that. I might put a couple on then and see how they go 🙂

  4. Your stitching is great. I think that spider might know little miss muffed. I like Ruth’s idea of doing the background in shades of gray. It would look like one of the black and white photos that has been hand coloured.
    The notebooks look great too, I would sell them. Will you sell them alone or with a book in them?

    1.   Thankyou  Ann lol he’ll definitely know her lol  I’ll start on the background over the weekend and give that ago, i think it’ll be perfect for it.  If i sell any of the note book covers then it will be with the note book 🙂   

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