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Birdhouse Class and Lambs.

Birdhouse Class and Lambs.

It is spring! Saturday I taught a Birdhouse Class.

Everyone had fun decorating their birdhouses.

Bernadette bird house 2

birdhouse 3 birdhouse 4

Of course there was rubbing and rolling and throwing

rubbing rolling


and everyone ended up with great looking birdhouses. Bernadette (second from the left) wanted a feeder so she made her opening much bigger.

birdhouses finishedThe other way I know that spring is here I we had our first lambs . We started with a bang, quadruplets. They are less than an hour old here, so not even cleaned up properly yet.

quad lams

and the reason my post is late this morning is because I have a visitor.




Happenings at the Farm.

Happenings at the Farm.

This week we’ve had some new arrivals. first was this lovely red Dexter heifer. born just before dark so the picture is of my son in the dark with my husband holding the flashlight.

Colin and Rosalee

Then we had some lambs.

lamb 1 lamb 3 lamb 2

This morning it was Chrissy’s turn. My hubby was going to feed the bottle lambs when he fount them. Lamb was up and dry. No problem bringing them in till Chrissy saw the bottles lying on the ground and was more interested in trying to get a drink then going in the pen with her lamb.  Once a bottle lamb always a bottle lamb. she was to busy nibbling my coat to get in the picture herself.

lamb 4 chrissy


I also washed some wool mostly it is still yucky with to much chaff in it. The brown looks ok and some of the white I can cut the curls from the felted base.   The rest will end up as mulch. Free fleece is seldom usable fleece.

Farm Supplies

Farm Supplies

This morning we went of to out farms supplier, Canadian Cooperative Wool Growers this is where you sell your wool clip.

wool growers

We had to pick up some milk replacer for our bottle lambs and the new radio frequency ear tags that all sheep have to have when they leave your farm.


I took some pictures of the wool  baled and ready to be shipped out.

small bags woolThese are the small ones they are compressed and weigh about 500 pounds

large bales 2  big wool bales 2These are the larger ones. I don’t know how much they weigh. That is my husband standing beside the bales so you can see how big they are. I think he is taking a picture for Facebook.

And lastly this is one of the reasons we where there.

lamb drinking 2 I will try to get more pictures of lambs but they like to show you their tails when you try to take a picture.

Getting Organised.

Getting Organised.

Like just about everyone getting organised is one of my goals for the new year. As you can see nothing stacks and it’s a mess. I can’t get to the selves to get anything or put anything away.

the problem

To that end I bought some storage bins. I got 2 large ones with the attached lids the open down the middle. These are for white and black merino. I always have larger quantities of them. I got some small ones for yarn and shoe box size for smaller quantities.


I took my yarn out of the cardboard box and bags in a bin and now they are sorted and easy to see.

yarn sorted

Some Yarn to ply and to dye.

to ply and to dye

I also did my thread. Here it all is on the new shelves I got for Christmas. It’s a start but there is much more to do.


The other things that’s happened over the Christmas holidays.

triplets These 3 are on bottles, 2 moms but one had no  milk and one that wasn’t in the least bit interested. They are in a bigger pen in my basement. they get bottles 4 times a day.

These two were born last Friday morning when it was -39.

pink lamb gray lamb

They are both boys even though one is in a pink coat. Their mommy loves them very much. They had a heat lamp for the first couple of days.  The weather has warmed up so they don’t have coats anymore. There have been a few more (10 at last count) that are still with their mothers. Hopefully not to many more in this cold. The ram was breeding some later in the fall so fingers crossed. The young fellow we thought was a wether ( neutered) and is infact a ram has been penned up separately for possible use next year.

This week on the farm

This week on the farm

Sorry for the late post everyone, It will probably show up as tomorrow for those in the UK. I have been busy with more mitts and getting ready for a sale tomorrow.

The other thing I made this week was some felted soap. This the soap all wrapped up in nylons ready to go. I sit in front of the TV with a bucket to do these.

soap before

soap finished and packedand this is them all packed and ready to go

This week we had some surprises. First the snow flurries seems more like a dump. This is the entrance to the building my studio is in.

Studio door tuesday

And on the same day we had unexpected triplets. Here is the coldest one getting warmed up by my daughter.

cold lamb getting warm

And to top it off Mom had no milk so in came her brothers.


It was snowing hard today again. But we do not want to be all doom and gloom it makes for some very pretty scenes. This is out my front door tonight.

outside tonight

If you where here yesterday there where no pictures because of a snow storm making for a bad internet connecting.  This morning it has stopped snowing for a while in favour of freezing rain but it does mean a better internet connection so I guess that’s the silver lining in the clouds. Wish me luck as I drive to my show this morning.

Future Felting

Future Felting

Future felting comes from lambs. Here are some of this years lambs outside enjoying the spring sunshine. Most of our lambs were born in the winter so they are not tiny anymore but they are very cute non the less.

lamb 1 lamb 2 lamb with face markings 2 lamb with face markings

I love the face markings on the two above.

Here is the bottle lamb that was born Christmas day, Chrisy. she thought you would like to she her woolly head close up.

chrissy close up

Here is Chrisy with a last years lamb.

lamb and last years lamb

This week we had a non fiber animal born. We had a little Dexter calf.

calf and mom calf

Despite appearances she is a little girl.  I had a really hard tome getting any pictures. Her mom is very protective and seem to think having her picture taken is a dangerous thing.

Also hanging out with the sheep is Geoffrey the goose and some chickens with their very fancy rooster.

chickens geofery

Soon it will be shearing time I have plans along with a willing friend to make some coats. I hope to get some usable wool. Right now they get so many burs and so much hay in their wool it really isn’t usable. I would also like to get a few black fleeces that aren’t bleached out by the sun.

That’s a snapshot of what going on in the barn yard this week. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.



Two Tongues Made

Two Tongues Made

This week I feel like the worlds slowest felter. I managed to get the two tongues for my boots made and that it. They look huge when you start but when your done they are the right sized. The final shrinking does take some work but these are boots so they need to be sturdy.

tongue before and after

One of the reasons I haven’t had time is the lambs. This little guy is called Mr Boots. He is one of a set of quadruplets. He was the first born and got cold while his 3 sisters were born. He was 4 pounds when he was born and looked like a lamb shaped chicken wing, all skin and bone and no substance. He ended up in the house in a dog cage in my living room. It’s a good thing I am not house proud. He is filling out and has a really good set of lungs.


These are his 3 sisters under the heat lamp staying warm. They are doing well and no longer need the lamp.

Mr Boots sisters

We are heading in to some warmer weather this week so things should be a little easier all round. I hope that I have more to show you about boots in my next post.

Last Show of the Year Done.

Last Show of the Year Done.

I am not sure how it got to be this late in the year but the calender doesn’t lie. I have finished my last show of the year. I had a bigger booth than usual it was 10×20. Usually I want a 10×15 and have stuffed myself into a 10×10. The small booth is really to small but 10 x20 is huge. I also had to adhere to a strange rule, nothing above table height in the first 5 feet of the depth of the booth.  It is very restrictive.

When I first set up I had my long table on one end to define the booth and then put the small one at the other end.

stall original


This left the boot feeling wide open and not very inviting. I moved the small table to the make an L shape so I could stand behind it and needle felt some sheep and talk to customers.

stall rearainged

It was more inviting to get people to stop and then they felt comfortable going  into the scarf and hat area of the booth.


Of course as soon as one person is in the booth looking at something others will join them. All in all it wasn’t a bad show.

The next couple of will fly by getting ready for Christmas ( how did the house get this messy) and having guests for Christmas (10) and then sorting things out afterwards in time for New Years.

So in case I don’t get another post in before Christmas I will wish you a Merry Christmas. If you don’t celebrate Christmas I hope you have a great time this holiday season no matter what you are doing or celebrating.

One last thing; as I was writting this post I got text from my some from the barn to say we have a new unexpected lamb.

lamb 2

Fleece Navidad. Sorry couldn’t help myself.

New Lamb on the Farm.

New Lamb on the Farm.

We promised some sheep farming posts so here is one of the first lambs of the season.

She came 2 nights ago when it was bitter cold. She was also stuck.  We had to catch mom to check, as I was sure she was having trouble. I was right. The lamb was stuck. Lambs are born with the toes and nose coming out together, like they are diving into life. This little girl had decided to come with one leg back. She isn’t really very little either as she is about 9 or 10 pounds. She was too far out to push back and fix the leg positions. I wiggled and pulled and wiggled and pulled with mom pushing and we got her out. She is up and doing fine. We gave her a heat lamp the first night and then it warmed up. In the morning we had another little one born too. She had the lamp for a few hours and then was fine.

Just for fun here’s a picture of the snow we got today. This picture is across my lane. You can’t see it for snow.

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