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Cases And a Cover

Cases And a Cover

I got a couple of cases made this week. I thought I’d made a mistake and forgotten to add the cord at the right stage for this first one, then remembered I wasn’t making a bag after all! I added a piece of braiding/trim and a split ring. This is the felt side:

And the back/fabric side:

I did change my mind about what I was going to do with the piece of felt I used on this next one. If you saw my last post, I’d planned to make a small shoulder bag. But as I was cutting it out, I thought it was too narrow to work that way, so also made this into a case:

I changed my mind about the fabric to use aswell, I wanted something a bit more sturdier, so chose what I think is upholstery fabric:

A while ago, I made a piece of nuno with lots of shrinkage and rippling. I kept looking at it and thinking it’d made a cool book cover, so that’s what I did. This is how it looked after sewing up, but without a book in, outside:


I wanted to keep all the edges as they were, and only had to trim off one small part. I haven’t decided which side I like best, so here’s one side:

And the other:

I might go over the stitching again, I want it to be secure, but don’t want to zig-zag stitch it as I like how the edges look.

New bags finshed , old bags stitched.

New bags finshed , old bags stitched.

I finally finished felting the new little bags and they are ready to be stitched. Here they are drying along with a book cover.


Here they are all dry

I couldn’t get a good shot of the nuno inside. Either my fingers or shadow or something made it not work. So this is the best of a bad lot. You can just see the nuno inside.

This one I turned inside out.

and the other side

A close up of the silk ball cut open. I did cut the wool hole to large in the felt and it has shrunk away to much so I will need to do somthing to make sure it stays in place. The other thing that happened was the silk blead. The only one it really effected was the pink one. The yellow effected the colour making it orangey around the silk ball and down one side.

This is what they look like closed, I will iron them in the closed position so they stay flatter.

Here are the last batch with thier stitching done.

I am adding a magnet as a closure.

I practiced the shisa stitch and the variations with some cardboard circles.

The two black ones I think the thread was to fine so it looked odd. I went to thicker thread and that was better.

I am going to have to redo the pink one as it stitches were not tight enough. My friend Carleen suggested I use a metal button on the opposite side as it would be easier than the magnet and stitching. I am going to look at what I have. I plan to add grommets on one side but I have misplace them somewhere. I will have to buy new ones to find them.

I am quite pleased with how they turned out. I hope you like them too.








Second Quarter Challenge

Second Quarter Challenge

I know it’s taken me a while, but I finally got around to doing Ann’s 2nd Quarter Challenge! One thing I like more than colourful felt, is lots of colourful felt! So, when I have a nice collection of offcuts, I like to put them together in a collage and make something out of it. I’d been wanting an ‘alternative’ bag to my little drawstring bag for a while now, and I’ve got a canvas satchel which I really like, but I wanted something a little bit smaller, so I thought I’d go with a smaller version of that. I worked out the dimensions for the length and width I’d need it, marked out where the front, back and flap would be, then pieced all my strips together:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe middle section with all the nuno pieces would be the back, I positioned them there because I know from experience that felt, especially Merino felt, can bobble/pill easily when it rubs a lot, like bags do around the hip area. When I trimmed the edges and folded it into shape, I realised the front flap was a bit too long to add satchel straps, so I went with a magnetic closure. This is what it looked like from the front when it was finished:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is how it looks when it’s open:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the back (with the front flap open):

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor the side panels, I tried quite a few felt pieces, One which looked really good was a piece I’d made from woven pencil roving, but I knew it’d be too thick once the hook straps were added, so, and I don’t know why this is still hard to do after all these years, but many will understand, I cut up a piece of nuno felt I made a while ago. I’m not sure I ever showed it because it’s blue and I have a hard time taking photos of blue, but here’s one end of it:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI cut strips for the sides, and thinner strips to make the straps to hold the bag hooks in place:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI got the findings from another bag I bought from a charity shop just for them. I recently bought 10 metres of rainbow webbing with a bag in mind and it went perfectly with this bag, I even got the findings attached the right way around the first time!:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd on the rainbow theme, if there are any Mancs out there, Happy Pride weekend! 🙂

Project Bags and Tea Cozies

Project Bags and Tea Cozies

This last little while I have been making some project bags. I made a flat rectangular style using prefelt. I wrapped some prefelt around the resist. You can see I split the edges of the prefelt and cut one layer away so that the overlap would not be thicker than the rest of the bag.

overlaping prefelt ready to felt prefelt bag

Everything is prefelt except the stripes. They are an unknown wool roving I bought because I liked the colours. I put a stripe inside too so the bag will be reversible.  The finished pictures shows how you can use migration to your advantage. When I was about half way through fulling I cut a slit in each side for the handle. I healed the cut edges with some soap and finger rubbing. I stretched the hole upward to get the shape I wanted. I am pleased with how it turned out.

prefelt bag 1This side used dark green and white prefelt

prefelt bag 2This side used all black prefelt.

I also made 2 nice round bags with a built in strap. This pictues shows the bag with a balloon blown up inside it and the panty part of some panty hose stretch over it to hold it well while it is fulled to about the half way point. At that point it is nice and round and just needed to be shrunk more.

grenn bag on balloon

Once I was finished fulling it I rinsed it out and then blew another balloon up inside it to make sure it dried nice and round. I did a smaller blue one as well. Both were covered in one layer of silk hankie. The green one also had a silk hanky flower on it.

green bag dry blue bag dry

They need their closures. I haven’t decided what yet.

The other thing I made was a couple tea cozies. sorry for the picture quality but I couldn’t get it to show better despite trying several things on the camera and computer.


The cat needs some whiskers. The flower is a made with a silk hankie.



Felted Knitting Bag

Felted Knitting Bag

I was asking people on face book what they make to sell in warm weather. One suggestion was a knitting bag.

I used the flat resist method and cut the handle and flap form the top of the resist.

yarn bag

After cutting the handle and flap I blew up a balloon inside it and wrapped it up and let it bounce around the dryer for a while.

yarn bag ready for a tumble

Next I cut the J. Thinking of the bag like a portable knitting bowl. Then another tumble.

yarn bowl J cut yarn bowl another tumble

I wanted to bind the edge. I tried leather but that wouldn’t work at all. Then I tried some bias tape. That worked better but not great. It was ugly but part of that is the bad sewing too.

yarn bowl binding attempt

I took that off and used a blanket stitch. that worked much better.

yarn bowl  finnished

I don’t like the way the jay effects the shape or the way it hangs open. Not bad for a first design. I will make some changes in the next one. I will make the handle longer so I have a bigger flap. I will make a smaller slit for the yarn to come out of the bag.  I realised with the bag having a flap over the top to stop the ball bouncing out I don’t need to make a J at all. I did see a bag with a grommet in the back near the bottom that looked very neat and tidy but if you use a hole you can’t take the yarn out of the bag without breaking the yarn. Ideally a little U shaped metal frame that could be squeezed shut around the felt (similar to when you put snaps onto a bag) would be best but I haven’t found anything like that. Purse frames work like that; you slide the felt into the channel of the frame and squeeze it shut and it grabs the felt or in some cases you sew the frame on. The problem is I just want a small U shaped piece. I always seem to be looking for things that don’t exist






Felt Shoulder Bag

Felt Shoulder Bag

A few weeks ago, when I made my Camouflage type hat, I also made a satchel type bag. I used a more brown shades of wool and slightly less rusty/orangey colours. I used some camo print silk from an old scarf, some cotton gauze and also pieces of dyed muslin that Ruth sent me. On the back of the bag, I used a large piece of silk because I thought it would pill/bobble less where it rubbed against clothes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a slightly different angle:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI also used a piece of cotton scrim to line the insides

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI attached D rings to the side, for the shoulder strap to attach to. I tried to find webbing the right thickness to make my own strap, but couldn’t get the colour and thickness I wanted, so I’m going to use one from a bag I bought.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI did think about using straps and buckles for closing the bag, but decided that would be a bit fiddly

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo, in the end I used magnetic clasps, and folded the bottom flap up about an inch. I don’t like the way the machine stitching turned out though, the clasp distorted it, so I might unpick it and do it again.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere it is with the strap attached


Drawstring Bag and Not a Jackson Pollock

Drawstring Bag and Not a Jackson Pollock

My girlfriend bought me a bike a couple of months ago and a big sturdy lock for it. There’s nowhere to attach the lock to the bike though, so I thought I’d make myself a drawstring bag just big enough for carrying the lock and a few tools. The first bag I made turned out a little too small and a bit thin on the bottom so I’ve put that to the side for now. I used a bigger template for the next one. I started working inside out and laid out some pieces of silk and cotton gauze in shades of black and white for the front. I was just going to use black Merino for the top layer, but compared to the black, the silk looked blueish so I used some dark ‘midnight’ blue Merino as well. This is how the front turned out after felting:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn the back I started with a piece of black silk chiffon, I thought it’d help reduce pilling (bobbles) if the bag rubbed on my back while riding. It really sunk in and isn’t really visible unless you look really hard! I used some grey merino with the black for the back.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI wanted to keep the natural top edges, but it seemed simpler to cut it straight across for adding the webbing I wanted to use as a channel for the cord. I cut the bag at the top at each side, slightly smaller than the width of the webbing I was using, then I sewed the webbing on with the machine, leaving each end open. You can see from this photo that I used some scrim for a lining on the bag.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI blanket stitched along the top edge to make it look nice.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’d originally planned to use eyelets at the bottom for the cord to go through, but after looking online I had a choice of spending a small amount of money for a few eyelets and a little plastic kit, or a large amount of a money for a really sturdy metal looking kit and about 400 eyelets. I’m not planning on making that many bags, so I decided to just cut the holes I needed and blanket stitch around them 🙂

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI attached the cords so that the shoulder straps were also the drawstring closure. I used spring toggles so that I can shorten the straps too in case the bag hangs low while riding.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd this is what it looks like closed. I must admit, I was surprised how well it turned out!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m just in time for Ruth’s Jackson Pollock studio challenge. I thought of many things to do for this, one idea was to do wool and wire sculptures based on some sculptures Jackson Pollock dabbled with. I thought about ‘action painting’ some silk, but in the end, I thought I’d do something based on some works of his that weren’t action paintings. They had large areas of coloured shapes, this is a good example. I thought I’d ‘modernise’ it a bit though and use brighter colours and silk and gauze pieces. And since I was enjoying making bags, I thought I’d use my idea and make a bag at the same time. The bag turned out great! The design though, was a little bit bright, and really, not in the slightest like a Jackson Pollock painting!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI need to get some nice webbing or braiding for the cord channel, but I’ll show the full bag when it’s finished.

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