3rd quarter challenge and Pinhey’s Point

3rd quarter challenge and Pinhey’s Point

I will start with the third quarter challenge.  Onf the challenges is to make something about where you live. I remembered this piece I made. It has a wet felted background, needle felted water and significant roads and stitched secondary roads.  It is about 6×6 inches or 15×15 cm. It was a fun piece to make. It just needs framing, like so many pieces.



I did a little bit of wet felting at a demo we did a few weeks ago at a historical site near Ottawa called Pinhey’s Point Historic Site. https://pinheyspoint.ca/visit-pinheys-point/

I made this little bag for my purse. I will add a few snaps.  One to keep the flap closed and 2 more in the top pouch part so I can keep something in there without it falling out every time I open it.  It is for keeping a power pack and my square point of sale device mostly. I forgot to take pictures during lay out but here it is on the resist to show the shrinkage. I will probably add some stitching at some point. the finished size is 7 1/2 inches x almost 5 inches   or 19cm x 12cm


I did take some pictures of the group spinning and showing how the tapestry and 4-shaft table looms work. these are definitely candid shots that I only just remembered to take so I wouldn’t be in hot water with Jan.   It was a quiet demo with there being a lot of smoke in the air from the fires in Quebec. You can see in the background the faint outline of some hills. That is about 1/2 a kilometre away across the Ottawa River to Quebec.  You couldn’t see that much when we arrived about 10 am to set up.  It was nice to spend time with friends and to chat with the few people that dropped by to see what we were doing.

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That’s about all I have been up to other than a little spinning on my drop spindle. I will try to get some pictures of my little balls of yarn for next time.

11 thoughts on “3rd quarter challenge and Pinhey’s Point

  1. Love the little batter pack bag. Is it big enough to hold one of the hand warmers when things get cold so the point-of-sale device keeps working?
    The pictures of Pinhey’s Point are impressive/depressive; what a day to remember! Glad you were there. You’re right that it was a great day, in spite of the dreadful air quality, to spend chatting with friends and meeting new people.

    1. It is mostly for in my bag so it is easy to find and to keep debris out of the slot for the cards. It was a fun day and so nice to see everyone.

  2. Pinhey’s Point looks to be a beautiful place – ideal spot to set up the demo. Your little bag is perfect for storing your stuff in and better than having it rattling around in your handbag where it could get damaged.
    The Ottawa map is lovely and would look good framed – perhaps to sell on your stall?

    1. It is a beautiful spot especially when it is clear and you can see the boats on the river. I just need to find my snaps and my bag will be all set. I plan to frame it. I am going to have to find all my frames and have a big framing day or maybe week.

    1. There’s a chance I might find a knitting group nearby, but spinning has proven to be a little harder so far 🙂

  3. Your map is great and I do think you could sell it if you wanted to. Your little pouch looks useful, it’s good to have a place to store all those necessities for your booth. The demo looks fun even if you didn’t have many people around. I think Jan did a post about this same place a few years ago? It seemed there were lots of people joining in that day. Probably just the smokiness keeping them away.

    1. Yes I think she did do one. sometimes all different crafts are there together and sometimes like this year we are all on different weekends. this week end was us and knitters. They were in the house. the Lace makers decided to skip this time with the smoke.

  4. The map is beautiful, and I love the pouch, especially the colour. I can see that that item will become a new favourite of yours.

    1. Thanks Marie, I really should do some more maps. the pouch should be good. the one I have now is really tight with the square reader and a power pack.

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