Large Autumn Landscape Continued

Large Autumn Landscape Continued

Nuno felt background with birch tree silk paper trunks stitched in place in background.

I have managed to get some stitching completed on my large autumn landscape. The background birch trees were hand stitched down first. I want to do background leafiness before I add the larger birch in the foreground.

To add the distant leafiness, I looked through my stash for fabric that would work. The photo on the left shows painted nylon organza. The photo on the right is dyed silk habotai.

Nuno felt background with birch tree silk paper trunks and nylon organza background leaves stitched in place.

It’s a little hard to see but I have added the nylon organza at the top. First, I used a wood burning tool to burn out areas of the organza to give it a leafy appearance.

Nuno felt background with close up of nylon organza background leaves.

Here you can see the effect better in the close up photo. I hand stitched all the pieces down with very small stitches to hold it in place.

Nuno felt background with birch tree silk paper trunks, nylon organza background leaves and single silk organza leaves stitched in place.

Next I added some single cut leaves from silk organza. I had these left over from The First Leaf. 

The next step is to stitch down the foreground birch trunk and add foreground leaves. At that point, I will decide how many leaves might be on the ground. I don’t want to make it exactly like the smaller piece. What would you suggest adding to the foreground at the base of the large birch?

10 thoughts on “Large Autumn Landscape Continued

    1. Thanks Ladies! As you put other foreground items on top of the distant leafiness, it looks more effective. I think I might have solved the base/ground problem but I will talk about that next time.

  1. It’s coming along beautifully Ruth. I like the idea of the organza, it works well, as do the “lonesome” leaves (sorry about the alliteration – I’ve been writing a publicity bit for our next panto and I seem to be stuck in that mode!)
    What to add at the bottom of the large birch? How about some twigs, stones, moss, dead skeleton leaves, all topped by a few fallen autumn leaves? A nice leaf mould mulch (oops, sorry there I go again).

    1. Thanks Ann, I love using organza in my work. I like the ethereal, translucent quality of it. I might not be adding anything at the bottom after all but I haven’t made the final decision yet. Thanks for the suggestions though, all good ideas.

  2. How interesting, the way you use nylon and silk to create different effects and add a 3D effect to your landscape!

    As for the add-ons… mushrooms? Rocks? Lichen-topped rocks? 🙂

    1. Thanks Leonor, one of the reasons I like textiles is the ability to create texture and 3D effects. Makes you want to reach out and touch it 🙂 Good ideas for the add-ons, not sure if I will need the ideas but great for future projects if I don’t use them here.

  3. I think this will be so lovely, the trees look gorgeous. What about some flashes of red at the front of the large birch? Some euonymus branches – fallen or otherwise, lovely red colour to the leaves?

  4. Thanks Marie, the addition of red sounds lovely. I had to look up euonymus as I wasn’t sure what it was. I don’t think we have those here or at least, I don’t know about them. I’m rethinking how I am handling the bottom of the piece, so more with my next post.

  5. Love seeing your layering technique. Very cool. It would be fun to have a little Red Fox in your picture and it would match nicely with your Autumn colour palete.

    1. Thanks Carlene, layering always helps getting distance in my landscapes. I don’t do many animals but a fox would certainly fit in!

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