Second Quarter Challenge 2016

Second Quarter Challenge 2016


For the second quarter challenge I want you to reuse your off cuts, recycle your discard bin and UFO’  and  reshape things that have been hanging around to long. I have some examples below that I hope spark some ideas.

My of cuts tend to be the trimmings form either from the edge where I open something up to get the resist out or a circle cut to get the resist out.  When ever I have a long thin piece  I roll it into a snakes. I have lots of them now. I am not sure what I will do with them all. My plan is to use them for texture by putting them between layers of wool. I just haven’t done it yet. Know I have a push to give it a go.

09 snakes

This is a pin I bought ( I can’t remember from who) but I though I might be able to make some of my own design with some fancy knots maybe. I liked the pin part. I don’t really like the little pin backs  you get in the craft store.

10 felt pin

You can make an interesting necklace with some off cuts. this one was made with rug hooking scraps.

07 small scraps 08 scrap necklace

The discard bin is where I go when I want to make some pictures. Very few discards ever get properly fulled because I can see they are going wrong or that I don’t like them and stop. These are great for cutting up into shapes for making a picture. If you have larger pieces they can be used a back grounds. If it’s been fulled a little much you can fluff up some of the fibers by giving it a going over with a stiff brush.  I find hand carders a bit to aggressive. A nail Brush or scrub brush often works well.  With some off cuts that are to small or odd shaped I use them as the middle for felted balls.

11 reuse picture 12 reuse picture

These two are made from scraps. I plan to do some embroidery. I made another very simple one to try machine embroidery on but It seems to be missing. I probably put it somewhere safe. This is a nice little bag Zed sent me made up al lots of small pieces sewn together.


There are different ways to  reshape things that maybe have been hanging around to long.  Scarves can be cut up and sewn in to other things like small bags, purses, book covers. I have cut them into thinner strips and use them for hat bands in the past. These to fit an iPad and an e-reader.

05 scarfes turned into bags for ipads and e-readers

These 2 are belt pouches.

06 belt pouches.

Hats can be reshaped. Everyone who saw this hat liked it but it was such a tall hat it didn’t really look good on. I reshaped it into a fedora shape.

01 orange fedora before 01 orange fedora


Here is another that needs a hat band I think. I don’t have the before shot, sorry. It really nice in person the wool I used has other colours giving it lots of depth.

02 blue fedora 03 blue close up

I hope you take up the challenge and get out your UFOs, discards and scraps to show us what you can do with them to give them another life. Post them over at the Forum in the second quarter challenge thread.



25 thoughts on “Second Quarter Challenge 2016

  1. “Re-use, Re-purpose, Recycle” is a good challenge Ann.
    That’s a pretty pin, I dislike those fiddly brooch backs too and tend to use long pins, rather like hat pins.
    My granddaughters made a bag each last week with some of my felted discards and yarns, I wish I’d taken they were rather pretty..

    1. Thanks, Yes, it is simple but it works. I usually end up sewing on a big safety pin. There is so much you can do with discards and UFOs when you stop thinking of them as what they were supposed to be. I use zeds bad as a decoration on my studio wall. I use a huge purse.

  2. Now I’ll have a reason to go and round up all my kept stashes of offcuts and pieces that didn’t work – I know they’re somewhere. I already have in mind a very lumpy piece of felt as I’m experimenting with rocky textures and rust dyeing.

  3. Great challenge Ann! I never throw anything out. So many possibilities the hardest part will be where to start. 🙂

  4. This one is going to be tough! I have plenty of ufos and things that haven’t worked but they’re in the scrap pile because I lack the inspiration to do something with them :s

  5. My hubby is even pleased with that challange , finally you ‘ll make some space !!
    Recycling gives a good feeling. I am reading the book “Connected Cloth” that is also about reuse materials and connect it with our environment.
    I like the challenge too Ann.

  6. I’d forgotten about that bag 🙂 Sometimes when I’ve done a quick sample to demo a layout, I’ll keep on fulling it when I get my bead board out to turn it into a coaster.

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