New bags finshed , old bags stitched.

New bags finshed , old bags stitched.

I finally finished felting the new little bags and they are ready to be stitched. Here they are drying along with a book cover.


Here they are all dry

I couldn’t get a good shot of the nuno inside. Either my fingers or shadow or something made it not work. So this is the best of a bad lot. You can just see the nuno inside.

This one I turned inside out.

and the other side

A close up of the silk ball cut open. I did cut the wool hole to large in the felt and it has shrunk away to much so I will need to do somthing to make sure it stays in place. The other thing that happened was the silk blead. The only one it really effected was the pink one. The yellow effected the colour making it orangey around the silk ball and down one side.

This is what they look like closed, I will iron them in the closed position so they stay flatter.

Here are the last batch with thier stitching done.

I am adding a magnet as a closure.

I practiced the shisa stitch and the variations with some cardboard circles.

The two black ones I think the thread was to fine so it looked odd. I went to thicker thread and that was better.

I am going to have to redo the pink one as it stitches were not tight enough. My friend Carleen suggested I use a metal button on the opposite side as it would be easier than the magnet and stitching. I am going to look at what I have. I plan to add grommets on one side but I have misplace them somewhere. I will have to buy new ones to find them.

I am quite pleased with how they turned out. I hope you like them too.








19 thoughts on “New bags finshed , old bags stitched.

  1. These are great Ann! Can’t you incorporate the magnet into the felting? Then you wouldn’t have to do the extra work for attachments. Love your stitched designs, it adds so much to the little bags.

    1. Thanks Ruth. Yes I think I could have done that. Might be a bit fiddley keeping them in the right place. However, if I had thought that far ahead, I would have remembered to add the spike and loop in the first place. LOL

  2. They all look great Ann 🙂 Great colours and the stitching is really nice, it adds a lot.

  3. Hi Ann, they are really great. I wondered why you didn’t do the nuno on the outside? Because of the embroidery? I also think it is difficult to felt with magnets, they won’t stay in place i am afraid. Maybe there is a thrick ?

    1. Thank you. People seem to want thier bags lined so the nuno is a way to line them without extra work. I will probably make some with some nuno designs on the outside as well.

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