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2020 Flax project year 2 (Coronas Virus version)

Last fall we harvested and processed the flax grown over the summer. As part of the process, we removed the seeds from the stocks. We got quite a bit of seed. Some of which will be used to make flax-dressing … Continue reading

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Second Quarter Challenge – Mark 1

So we are just starting the 3rd month of the second quarter challenge and I have a finished piece. Everyone, please clap because I actually finished it in May, very early for me who usually finishes the challenge after the … Continue reading

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Thinking Positive, it was a demo opportunity – Mer-Man in progress

Short post (for me) today before painkillers kick in again. Sometime, probably Friday morning I did something that insulted my back. But it waited till Friday evening to launch into its escalating counter attack. I claim innocence! I sat on … Continue reading

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Some Stitching, Some Felting and Some Growing Babies

I am slowly adding some stitching to the needle books. I did a small sheep book. It is about 2 x 3 3/4inches or 5 x 9.5 cm closed. And a larger one,4 1/4 x 4 3/4 inches or 11 … Continue reading

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Annie I decided to make a small bag from handmade felt to carry a sketchbook and a few pens out and about with me. I didn’t make a plan or measure anything. To start with I just laid out a … Continue reading

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Fun on-line, Creating the Under-Mer

With stay at home, I have been on line a lot more than I use to be. I have had fun playing Runescape, listening to music, (this week’s felting was assisted mainly by Blue Oyster Cult), audio books and I … Continue reading

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Needle Books Next Steps

Continuing on from my last post about making felt for needle books, Felt for Needle Books  I started sewing them together. Well,  first I had to iron them all which always takes much longer than you think it will. Everyone forgets … Continue reading

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A yarn and preparation experiments

I must really be dedicated to TFFS, ‘why?’ I can hear you ask from here. Firstly, I need to explain that, in these difficult times with many additional challenges to ensure my elderly mother remains safe, well and fed, my … Continue reading

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A Bouquet for Mothers Day

A Bouquet for Mothers Day. (not the same as the one I got a few years ago) With stay at home, the days seem a bit harder to identify. Is this Wednesday and we have forgotten to put the garbage … Continue reading

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Felt for Needle Books

Not too long ago I saw some nice needle books for sale and thought I would like to make some too. It seemed to be in my and my machine’s sewing ability. They will be fun adding stitching later too.  … Continue reading

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