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I haven’t managed any felting this last little while but I have been doing some spinning. I spin on my drop spindle, making small balls I use to decorate my felt. I did have a wheel at one point in … Continue reading

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New fabric from scraps

Or….the reason to never throw anything away! The new year has started, in fact it is speeding by way too fast, I’d actually like for it to slow down a bit – that said there are a few days I … Continue reading

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Trying to make up for a bad beginning to January 2020 so lets go buy more Fibre!

A bad beginning to January 2020 January 8th 2020 started a series of sudden unexpected Doctor and Dentist appointments culminating in a trip to emergency. It was an infection on one side of my face with a strong possible suspect … Continue reading

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Holiday Card

Now that my partner has finally received her card I can tell you about it. First I made a background using some prefelt and added some northern lights. I then wet felted it all together. they are not felted hard … Continue reading

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3D Wet Felting Experiments (Part One)

Some people close to me are giving up eating animal-based products this month – Veganuary – while others give up alcohol – Dry January.  As I’ve set aside some time for playing with 3D wet felting this month I’m going … Continue reading

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Degumming Silk Throwsters Waste

Today we have a throwback post. It was originally posted by Zed in 2011. Jan is ill and can’t make a post and I thought this would be interesting to everyone. A few years ago I was given some gorgeous … Continue reading

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A fun pot making class

Not long ago I taught a fun pot class. To make it a little different than an upsidedown hat class I taught them how to make it a different colour inside and out. Heres the laying out and assembling the … Continue reading

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