Time for a New Hat.

Time for a New Hat.

I don’t know whats happened to my last year’s hat. It is probably at the back bottom of the deep shelf in my hall closet. I don’t feel like cleaning that out so I am taking it as a sign I should make myself a new hat.  I think I will make it to go with my new cowl. https://feltingandfiberstudio.com/2020/11/16/the-cowl-is-finished/

I know it will be a purple wool base and have the orange/gold silk lap on it. I am not sure about the leaves. I am thinking of several possibilities for the hat.

You will have to excuse the very crude drawings but my drawing ability is very small.

The first option has a brim like this hat. The brim folds up twice but stands away from the hat. I was thinking of putting the silk fibre on the inside so it would show when rolled up.

The second thought was to elongate the brim on one side so that I could cut it and make a rosette on one side but still have the other side just folded up.

The third option is to make it with a normal turned up brim and the elongated part for a rosette. In the picture, I did it so it would have a very turned up brim but maybe a regular slight turn up would be better with the rosette.

Forth option( not pictured) is to just do a normal brim with some silk on the underside.

The leaves. I am not really sure they wouldn’t make the hat too busy. Maybe I could felt a couple by themselves and add some vanes on the sewing machine and then tuck them in behind the rosette.

Then there is doing a swirl or rings with shaping on the crown.

So many options, now tell me your thoughts on this hat. I am open to suggestions.


12 thoughts on “Time for a New Hat.

  1. Make them all Ann. Tee-hee. Just joking!

    I like the second idea with a rosette and a couple of leaves.

  2. Do you have a preferred style that fits you best? For me, the shape of the hat that flatters my big head is really important. I would probably pick the asymmetrical option.

    1. I am not really sure I have a best style. my favourite hat was the one I made in Chad Alice Hagen’s class, must be at least 10 years ago. I lost the hat, or it walked away. Not sure, it was in the the spring when its so easy to forget your hat. Anyway it had a small turned up brim and a fuzzy bias tape edge. It was forest green.

  3. Looking forward to seeing it take shape. I’ve never made a hat and try to avoid wearing them so I haven’t much to offer but my gut reaction was similar to Ruth’s: go for something you already know you like / suits you. Good luck!

  4. My suggestion – if you make your hat asymmetric it would give you options of how to wear it to match your mood.
    One of your options is to extend the brim on one side (it would be almost triangular in shape) and then roll it up to make a rosette curl that can be seen from either side – if I’ve understood correctly – I think this would be great, particularly with the silk on the underside.

    Your reply to Lindsay is correct – hats for us in the U.K. are a choice not a ‘must’ in our normal winters.

  5. “I don’t feel like cleaning my closet to find my hat, so I’ll make a new one” – LOVE this 😀 That’s how creative people work. Well done, it looks fab ^_^

  6. I like the texture. Does it fit well? Most important do you like it on Only hats I’ve made were for Teri’s class not something I’d wear out, but they are cool. If I wear something in my head it’s usually a knit cap.

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