Holiday Card Exchange

Holiday Card Exchange

Each year on the forum, we have a holiday card exchange. It’s always lots of fun to see all the different cards created and to receive one in the mail. If you’d like to see other cards, you can see them here. Make sure to scroll down and then look at all the pages in this thread to see the ones posted so far. 

I was getting a bit concerned about the card that I sent to Janet in Canada. I sent it out on November 4th and she didn’t receive it until November 27th. That is one of the reasons that we have people send their cards early so it has more time to arrive safely during the busy holiday season. But at last, she got it! So now I can tell you how I made the card.

Here’s the layout. I used a piece of white prefelt for the background and then added short fiber merino in blue green for the sky. I left patches very thin to make it look more snowy. I used “white” mixed 56’s for the snow but it wasn’t very white so I added a bit of white cashmere fiber that I have been saving. It was very white. Then I added silk noil to create a more snow like effect on the ground and in the sky. Finally over top of this, I added white prefelt tree trunks. I started with only one layer of prefelt but decided to add another layer over the trunks in the sky section as I felt that the blue green was going to bleed through too much.

Here it is after felting. I liked how the tree trunks overlapped on the top so I left them for awhile.

Next up was to add a little free motion machine stitching. I used an off white thread to give a slight shadow and more texture on the trunks. It’s kind of hard to see here but you can click on the photo to enlarge it.

Then I added a dark grey thread to give the characteristic birch tree look. I don’t use black for this because it feels much too stark. I think the grey looks more natural. Then I had to decide whether to crop or leave it as is. I finally decided on the cropping because it was just slightly too big to fit on my 5″ x 7″ card. I trimmed it up with a rotary cutter and attached it to a greeting card to send to Janet.

So here it is. I do think it looks very wintery which was the goal. I am going to have to make some more of these to sell as small art pieces.

And this is the wonderful card that I received from Janet. This is Janet’s first attempt at making a fiber/felt card and didn’t she do an awesome job? Thanks Janet for this beautiful card.

11 thoughts on “Holiday Card Exchange

  1. Your card is absolutely beautiful, Ruth. I love the textures, shapes and colours and am impressed by your problem solving skills, for example how to make the background more white than the trees and how to stop the sky showing through the trunks. You should definitely make some into pictures.

  2. These are both very beautiful and making me wish I had made the time to join in! Your tree scene really would make lovely small art pieces Ruth. Thanks for the link to the other cards.

  3. I really like these cards too and it also makes me wish I’d made the time to join in. This is my first year with you, so now I’ll know what to expect for next year. Looking forward to it and all the challenges you come up with.

    1. Thanks Ann, I hope you too will join in next year. Ann usually announces in the exchange in early October to give enough time for everyone to complete their cards and get then out to each other. I look forward to your participation!

  4. The winter trees are beautiful and the sky is gorgeous! Your machining very cleverly turns the white shapes into birch trees.

    I can’t believe that’s Janet’s first card – it’s very accomplished and I love it! Makes me happy to look at it.

    1. Thanks Lyn! I have always loved how a few small bits of stitching finish a piece. I agree about Janet’s card, it’s amazing for a first attempt. I know my first attempt didn’t look half as nice.

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