2021 is almost done, looking foreword to a better 2022

2021 is almost done, looking foreword to a better 2022

It is almost the end of the year, which is good since this one has not been one of the best years I have seen. I must also admit it has had a few good moments.  We had tried to keep in touch with family and friends, through calls, zoom meetings and sometimes when we are very lucky in person.  There was even a bit of in-person fibre shopping towards the end! (ooh Fiber!!) This year I have been investigating wire and still have the ongoing investigation with samples of hairspray. I added a tiny dragon to the family and have one more nearing completion.

Speaking of Dragon, he was very excited about one of my Xmass gifts this year. It will take another day or two to get it figured out. I think I understand how my friends feel when I type too late at night! What I mean is that the instruction manual while written using English words, and most are incomplete sentences, is still incompressible. However, it is truly amazing how you can have a paragraph of words that are about the battery yet still do not tell you exactly how to add the battery!

It does have the specks I was wanting: 4K Video/Camcorder, 48mp, 60fps(frames per second in the very fine print it only seems to be available at 1080 setting.) it is also light enough to fit on my existing articulating supports.

1-2 Xmas present

Since there was also a gaping lack of instructions as to how to put the macro and wide-angle lenses on as well as the lens hood (not the lens cover that doesn’t actually seem to attach if you have the other lenses on.) it took me a while to figure out how it fits together. I have figured out the remote (YEAH! A remote) can turn the camera off but not on…..I did figure out how to plug in the mike.

I am not sure if the German, French or Spanish sections might be more helpful. So it will take me another day before I am ready to try it out. I am hoping to be able to use it for felting. This is considered a very entry-level camera so I want to try it out and see if it’s got enough function to do what we need. Maybe Ann and I can try it out for some of her study group work.

Dragon volunteered to help me show you it set up at the computer desk. Here is his photoshoot.

3-5 I think Dragon is a bit of a Ham!

I am hoping Dragon will have better luck with the remote than I have had so far. If this works I hope to be able to show you the results at some point!


I also wanted to show you a few Christmas shots of Christmas past to hopefully inspire you with better memories than the last 2 years.

6 -10 Shots from Oakville in 2016 (There was snow!)

Have a wonderful New Year!! I am sure we are all looking forward to exploring an exciting new year (one with a limited imagination on number selection – 2022)

11 thoughts on “2021 is almost done, looking foreword to a better 2022

  1. Hello Jan – here’s to a brighter 2022! Good luck with the camera. Why do all instruction manuals seem so unapproachable? And when you do find the English set of instructions they often seem to be written for nerds not real people.

    Dragon’s face and mouth look great and your Christmas photos are fab – especially love the way you’ve captured the glass in the bowl of baubles – amazing.

    1. i am compleatly amazed with these intructions. they are in English, there is sentence stucture but almost no acutual information has been inparted after reading them. i will try it one more time and if im not more inlightened i will continue with the exporation on my own.

      thankyou! Dragon will be preening in his project box! the glass bole was one my mother inlaws set up each christmass and the angel orchestra are part of her extensive Angel collection. i am pleased with the reflections in the glass bole and on the glass balls.

      i hope you both have a Fabulous new year and a spectacular 2022!

  2. Lucky you with the presents. I will be more than happy to let you film me making felt for the study group. Samples are not that exciting though. Maybe we can think of something more visually interesting.

    1. i dont know, i think your 5 christmas Lamb presnts are much more impressive (and fantasticly Cute) than a camera! thankyou for volinteering to be at the picture end of the camera and i am sure we can find something to work on. maybe the Lambs can come and help?

  3. There’s very little as frustrating as badly written instructions Jan. that said, I am a demon for ignoring the instructions (on everything from my phone to the workings of the washing machine) – I tend to jump right in. I am pretty sure I am missing things in that process but sure, what the hell!

    The pictures turned out beautifully and I suspect Dragon is a bit of a ‘poser’ – likely to jump in front of the camera every time you turn it on. He is a handsome devil though 🙂 Like Lyn I love the photo of the glass bowl and baubles – it looks very professional. Nice to see the snow too – the weather has been so warm this Christmas in Ireland that we saw people in shorts on our local beach yesterday. And there were people in swimming.

    Happy New Year to you and your family Jan 🙂

    1. Thank you! i think your rite about Dragon!
      Ottawa dose not have its traditional amount of snow and its only be Cold a cuple days so far. (i am not complaining!) but it is looking vary Sesonal out there. i dont think i would like to try swimming at the moment! (short wareing weather mite be nice, i would be up for spring by the end of the week!!)

      Helen i hope you have a Fabulous new year! its got to be better, look at all those 2’s in the number!!! (2’s are a curvy sexy number. a big improvement on 0’s who can be exhosting or 1’s which are much too formal and smetimes borring.) Happy 2022!!

  4. Happy New Year Jan! The camera looks like a wonderful gift. You and Ann can start working on videos for online classes now 😉 I usually ask Google about set up instructions for tech stuff. There is usually someone out there who has written a post or two about how the device works and it is usually something that you can actually read. Lovely photos from Christmas past.

    1. Thanks Ruth! i hope Ann and i can try out the new camera soon but our neabour povence (Quebec) just shut down so i am not sure how soon we will be able to get together.

  5. Dragon being a poser reminds me that your merman is too. Should they meet or will they fight like cat and dog to be the one in front of the camera? (We have someone like that in our Amateur Dramatic Society – lovely person but don’t get between her and the audience!)
    You certainly take some grand photos, looking forward to seeing what you can do with the camcorder.
    It always seems to me that manuals are written in Chinese English, which is always incomprehensible so far as I can see, and their picture instructions don’t seem much better.

    Hope you and your family (human and animal) have a much better year.
    Best Wishes

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