Finishing up my Visor Mirror Cover

Finishing up my Visor Mirror Cover

It has been a busy few weeks getting everything ready for our Guild Sale. Now that’s done and over and I am sure Jan will show you lots of pictures. For me, I found the time to finish embellishing my visor mirror cover. For those that don’t remember the cover on the mirror of my car visor was broken when we bought it. When you flip the visor down while driving the mirror is there. It’s distracting.  I decided it needed a cover. Nothing so simple as making a plain piece of felt to match the visor. That is much too easy. Here is a link to my last post showing how I created the cover.

I have continued on with my stitching. I wanted to use lots of different open background stitches. I didn’t want to cover up anything. I started working on the flower that looked like a superhero in flight.

I thought I better tackle the head next to stop it from looking like a person. I broke it into 2 areas. I think it worked well

Then I did this interesting stitch in the purple. Make 3 parallel lines and then come up in the middle go around all the threads and back down in the middle. I thought it was effective.

Then when I had just about finished everything else I decided to add 3 dots. I am not sure it looks like a flower but it looks a lot less like a superhero.

Next, it was this leaf. I thought I would do small stitches and go all the way around the middle but after a short distance, I didn’t like how the small stitches looked following the line exactly. I ripped them out.


I decided to use more threads and larger stitches and only follow one side.


And around the outside.


I liked it and I am getting very good at outline stitch. It was still a little plain so I added some colonial knots. Also in between I added some stitching to the small leaves. You can see a few in the picture.


I finished off this leaf and was thinking I was done, but…

My hubby said I needed to do the sheep and give him eyes and a nose. I had been going to leave him minimalist. It took 3 tries to get his eyes in the right place and the same size.

Now for the finished piece.

I had thought of cutting off the wonky outline but decided against it. Here it is installed. I used the hook side of some stick-on velcro dots, to attach it to the visor. It is a bit big but if it had been smaller the velcro dots wouldn’t have had a flat surface to stick to. Anyway, I like it and I will definitely do the wet wool technique again.






14 thoughts on “Finishing up my Visor Mirror Cover

  1. Your stitching is very pretty – such a variety of stitches too! Hubby was right about finishing off sheepie and it was worth persevering to get him right.
    The visor cover needs its wonky outline and each time you flip the visor down the felt will bring a smile to your face 🙂

  2. It does look great in situ Ann. It was a good idea and an even better result.
    Actually on looking at the “Super Hero” after you’d done the first lot of embroidery on the head I thought it still looked like a head – ¾ rear view with the left cheek showing above the left shoulder; and, having got the Super Hero into my head, at the end it looked as if it had 3 eyes in the back of it’s head. I say “it’s” because it is obviously not a human Super Hero!

  3. It’s beautiful Ann. The stitching has transformed this from a practical solution to a transportable work of art. This will bring a warm glow to you and any passengers.

  4. The stitching adds so much to the piece Ann. The additional colors added contrast to the felt and it brings the entire piece together. Looks perfect in your car 🙂

  5. The visor looks so good Ann. I love all the stitching you have done, and the different stitches really enhance the work. I think the final photo of it insitu is marvellous, and shows what an excellent solution you have made to your visor problem.

  6. Great job Ann. It is such a practical solution to your visa problem & above all a lovely work of art….but please don’t analyse it when driving!!!

    The stitches really enhance your design & your perseverance laid off with the sheep.

    Hope the guild sale went well….now relax!

    1. Thanks Antje, I am pleased with my art felt solution. The sale is over and everything went really well. I am sure Jan will share pictures with you. She took a lot of Pictures. No rest( not sure if that’s for the weary or the wicked) it’s on to working on the 75th anniversary

  7. Lovely, Ann. I really like how you let your creativity flow with your stitches, they really add texture and purpose to the flat colours of the different areas, and I bet that you had fun with choosing them.

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