75th Anniversary Moose bag, Bag #2

75th Anniversary Moose bag, Bag #2

Last time I showed you the bag I was working on for myself, if you missed it you can check it out here; (https://feltingandfiberstudio.com/2023/11/05/75th-anniversary-moose-bag-needle-felting-on-a-ground-fabric/)

I took it to the Guild sale as an example of embellishing and started to work on the second bag. Unfortunately, while my bag (the Black Moose) was at the sale it got rubbed (yes that has to be supper wash….. it fuzzes with little provocation!!) So, I will have to go back and do repairs then finish it off in a different fiber.  Today I wanted to quickly (ok that’s quickly when considering my regular posts), show you what I have been working on for Glenn.

I had offered to make an embellished bag for him. I was considering blacksmith tongs entangled in the antlers but he requested a more 3-D shape and in moose-like colours. Ok, I can do that. This time I started with the 14-inch hoop and the Maori short batt fibre I had purchased in September at the Almonte Fiber Festival (it’s a fundraiser for the Almonte Textile Museum. If you are visiting the Ottawa area, you may want to check them out and maybe stop at the Wool Growers Co-op in Carlton Place too).

stone building, was the office for one of the mills in Almonte. now it is the Mississipy Valley textile museum1)Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, Almonte, Ontario.  https://mvtm.ca/

storage area of the Wool growers co-op. open ile in the back of the building, man leaning in doorway, with end of tractor visible. on ether side of ile are wrapped bundles of wool sorted and ready to ship2)The back storage area of the Wool growers co-op (https://wool.ca/page/history-of-canadas-wool) & https://realwoolshop.ca/blogs/product-inforfmation/canadian-co-operative-wool-growers-canadian-wool?_pos=1&_sid=6387e1151&_ss=r

(exiting travel suggestions and back to felting)

I had been hearing about Maori short-fibre batts online and had been curious. I had purchased a light and dark brown, a mossy green and dark charcoal (that was what Bat on a stick was made from).  The fibre had felted to a very firm consistency on Bat so I wanted to use it for the moose, since rubbing may be a problem this fibre should be able to stand up to it if I use Bat on a stick as a guild.

Mayori batts in white cubes for sale at Almone tiberfest 20233)Display of Maori batts in the Wool and Paddle booth at Almonte (Lisa Paddle from Manotick Ont.)

I had success with the T38-333 needles so used them again. I may do the final surface work with the T40’s or T42’s since they will not be inserted into the ground fabric.

I started to work on the second bag as part of the demo at the guild sale. (I will show you the sale but it’s taking a while to sort all the photos by booths. I took 343 shots on Saturday and 279 on Sunday but I promise not to show you all of them!!!!)

Mettle table holding felting demo debree, black moose on bag haning in front, bags of fiber and brown moose on bag in embroidery hoop. 4) Felting set up in the demo area.

bottom of picture has top of embroidery hoop and a bit of Moose, behind are spinners and spinning wheel demoing happeing  5) I Was part of the demo team (when not taking pictures!)

As previously I started by creating a base well attached to the ground canvas

Detail of Moose felted antlers and felting needle sticking into canvis backing 6) Detail of Moose antlers

I continued into the body adding a base layer and following the shape of the silhouette.

Moose in embroidery hoop, sunlight racking across image a bit of fiber is sitting off to the side7) starting to fill in the body with a light brown wool base.

Building up the head and shoulders. Anns hand is holding the felting needle 8)Building up the head and shoulders

I did not get as far as I had hoped during the demo, but I did keep getting up to take pictures. I kept working on Moose and had him covered and somewhat rounded by the time of the Monday meeting. Bat-on-a-stick also attended.

 9) Bat-on-a-stick sitting in Moose bag. hanging off the handle of a walker (Bat is holding the extra needles)

added the ear, and the body is more rounded. hanging on walker handle 10) I have added the ear, and the body is more rounded. The bag is hanging on the handle of my walker and is holding the fibre I was working with and the batt.

After the meeting, I was getting sore-er after moving a few things in the studio the day before. So, I planned to take it easy and focus on Moose. I wanted to give him the closer antler in 3D. This would require an armature and its inclusion into the partly rounded head and neck.

antler armature laying on top of antler on the bag11) Checking the wire armature for the antlers, against the antler in the silhouette.

Close up of the antler armature12) Close-up of the antler armature.

Dollarama stems (floral wire) posibly 20ga steel13) Unfortunately, Dollarama does not say what gauge the stems are, but I suspect 20ga-coated steel.

I used two 15-inch long floral wires to twist and create the antlers. The back antlers were the pattern for the wire armature.  Is should have made the prongs a bit longer but was able to build them up a bit with wool.

Moose making was briefly interrupted by my order arriving from Sara’s last sale (I got the moose workshop on an SD card.) I know, I can make one from scratch at this point, but it will be interesting to see how she does it and she usually has some bit that is an Ah-Ha moment. I am hoping she will have something inspiring to suggest with antlers and the difference between antlers with and without “velvet”. I am not sure I want to try the stage where the velvet is coming off,  it’s a bit gruesome, even for me!

Ok back to my, well Glenn’s, Moose. I wrapped fibre around each point and the main part of the antler then started to fill in the spaces in between. The shortness of the fibre did not allow me to work the same way I had done the little dragon wings. So I had to build up the fibres in much shorter sections, luckily I wanted the antlers thicker and firmer than the dragon wings.

showing armature now wool wrapped, forming antler14) showing wool wrapped antler

I checked for placement as I worked. Then built up the base that would attach the antler to the “skull” (no I did not get that anatomical and make him a skull)

Checking positioning of the wire insertion15) Checking the positioning of the wire insertion

Ok, this part is a bit gruesome (not as bad as the pealing antlers) so you may want to look away if you’re squeamish. I took the trailing wire under the antler and drove it into his head so it came out near his carotid artery.  (I did warn you).

The end of wire had passed through the head and curved to come out in the neck 16) The end of the wire had passed through the head and curved to come out in the neck

Next, I bent the wire into a loop and pushed it flat against his neck, while making sure the antler was seated, tightly to the head. The next step is to start carefully adding fibre over the area of the injury, so no one will know that happened.

You can see a bit of the folded wire partly covered in wool 17) You can see a bit of the folded wire

You can still see a bit of the wire showing but it is starting to disappear! It is fabulous he doesn’t look like he will be permanently scarred from the procedure.

Close up of moose neck showing that the wire is now well hidden18) Close-up of moose neck showing that the wire is now well hidden.

top view of the added antler 19) Here is a top view of the added antler

There were a few other details that have been added to this moose. He has the understructure of his beard and bell

adding support for beard and bell under moose chin20) Beard support has been added I will likely add locks to create the beard when I am working on the surface colour.

Two of the feet have 3D tows21) Two of the feet have 3D tows

Under side of hooves22) Underside of hooves

Here is a view of the underside of the hoof, you can see the far side is attached to the ground fabric and the near side is totally 3D.

Lastly, I also added an eye, again it is blue,  but this is a much brighter blue. Yes, I checked, the eye should be brown but I like blue so both of the moose have blue eyes.

Blue bead added for his eye23)  Blue bead added for his eye

This is the point I have Glenn’s moose now. I still have a lot more to do. I will be adding shading to the understructure I have built up.  Glenn has indicated he would like to have yarn wrapped in the antlers so he will have to decide on the yarn colour and fiber. I will let you know how it goes.

Moose under structure finished. Felting needle sticking in hsi superor glutes.24) This is the point I have Moose 2 at now. (the needle in the glutes,  is that Moose-u-puncture?)

I have heard that other guild members are planning to personalize their moose too. If I see their augmented moose bags I will take a photo to show you.

21 thoughts on “75th Anniversary Moose bag, Bag #2

  1. Love the 3D antlers and body – he looks ready to come to life and run off the bag 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing the photos of the guild sale and we understand the mammoth task you have with the photos – we get carried away too and then daunted when we have to sift through hundreds of photos.

    1. thanks! i am still looking for the missing bag of charcole so i can do the colour blending to make him even more 3D. as long as i dont go to far and he wanders off takeing the bag with him!!
      I have most of the sale sorted by booth so hope to show the sale to you soon.

  2. As soon as I saw that image of the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum I thought “it looks as if it is covered in felt!” It’s a bit like some of those textile craft books where the cover feels like it made of fabric.

    Moose 2 (Moose too?) is coming along really well. That blue eye is a bit startling at the moment but I know you’ll sort it out in the end. Do moose have long eyelashes?
    Looking forward to your next episode.

    1. Thank Ann, i checked moose do have eye lashes they are not too visiale from a distance, so i am not sure i will try to add them. i will show you how Moose too is going when i find that missing bag of charcole maori wool. (its such a small house how can things get lost in here?)

  3. Oh Jan, I love your humour….you had me smiling the whole way through your post.

    Glenn’s moose is a cracker & looks ready to trot off into the landscape anytime soon.

    Love that the WIP moose bag can also carry everything you need whilst hanging on your walker! BUT, I hope moose will not stay as a bag or else he will get severely damaged & require yet more surgery.


    1. Thanks Antje
      Moose is hanging beside the computer desk and has been getting poked at. he is now quite a bit firmer and a bit rounder. still not sign of the missing charcole. i think Bat knows where it is, his grin is looking rather mischevious.
      i am impressed with the bag, even with the 14inch embroidery hoop on it i was able to carry all the felting suplys i was going to need in it.
      i think i will have to make a 3-D moose after i finsh off the moose bags

  4. Oh Jan, the moose is gorgeous, that 3D look is fantastic and I love the blue eyes, very Frank Sinatra. I understand Glenn wants the skein to be personalized too. Looking forward to seeing that.

    1. thanks Bernadette!
      i am wating on glenn to tell me what he wants for yarn. i like the blue eye too, its a bit unnatural but we will know his moose amongst all the other embalished moose bags!!
      i wounder if we can get a display of moose bags at the 75th anaversery party?

  5. Glen’s moose is looking really good. I hope the 3D parts of the moose survive the use of the bag. Perhaps it’s a special occasion bag 😉

    I’m looking forward to hearing about the guild sale and seeing the photos (some not all).

    1. Thanks Ruth, i suspect he may use moose to carry to his gameing nights. he likes horrible train games that some of teh trains rust part way through the game and ithere is a lot of math…. not fun like felting!! but the bag should hold the boxes of games and maybe a diet coke.
      i promis i will not show all the guild sale photos!!!

    1. Thanks!! the Maiori short fiber bats definatly are much more effective for sculpture than the super wash mareno. my black moose needs a lot of work but it did prove i could adhear the wool securly to the canvis. so it was worth it. the super wash just take soooo long to felt. why is it always in such tempting colours?!!! i must resist and not buy it for felting just for spinning.

    1. Thank you! Moose 2 is comming along, i hope he will be impressive and protect the contentce of the bag when he is done.

    1. i am sure yours will be even better with Stiching, and maybe a background? there are so many differnt options and lots of fiber arts teckneeks to try, how about one waring boots? or wading in a pond? or Moose with calf? or wrap the moose in yarn as if the scane winding got a bit out of hand. not all moose would stand still for skane winding on the antlers. ia m looking forword to seeing what you decide on. OH watch for 13-14 inch embrodery hoops at the second hand stores!!!

  6. Jan

    This was a very interesting step by step description, with lots of nice pictures, of how you did it. A good read.


    1. Thanks Grant!! i am glad you enjoyed the prossess so far. i hope you will get a chance to check out the progress! (Please say hi to everyone and let me know if any of you need felting needles!)

  7. Oh lucky lucky Glen! This is just fabulous Jan. The detail is incredible and I am so glad he was prepared to suffer a little bit to get those incredible antlers.

    I think you may have started a trend with these two beautiful bags.

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