Our Happy Place – A Crafting Space!

Our Happy Place – A Crafting Space!

I have read posts written by my fellow FFS bloggers – one thing we have in common, “works in progress.” In the past, I found myself embarrassed, at the number of unfinished projects I had on the go at any given time. My father, (negatively) criticized my flitting nature, lack of focus, and the like, when I was younger. He had to eat his words when I was diagnosed with ADHD at 35. (They tested boys in the 60’s but never girls) Those negative impressions stay with us, nonetheless, and I have been working to overcome the stigma since. After a couple years, of working on myself, I’m realizing it’s simply who I am. I should embrace this quality! I’m at my best, when I have lots of choices – on the go…and it’s perfectly okay, if it makes me freakin’ happy!

I’m discovering, organized supplies, a comfortable place for creativity, and a person to share with, is the best key to my “crafting-ness.” (A new word for Webster/Oxford?) If my creative space is messy, and I can’t find what I need, my mind reverts back to those old thoughts. 😝 Brian and I are approaching the rest of our lives with different perspectives. We expect to move/downsize, and/or leave our area, once something happens to my Mom. Until then we are playfully, preparing for our future. What does this “playful preparation” concept mean to us, you ask? It means everything we add to our life now, is for our “happily ever after.”

For example, we eventually want to relocate, to an area near water: maybe in Michigan, or maybe in a warmer climate. We both agree that watching the water, no matter where we are, relaxes us. We enjoy the cool colors that seem to accompany a water theme. So recently, when deciding to change our family-room space, into a crafting-room space, “beach colors” came to mind. We can’t get there physically, but we can get there in our minds – it represents a realistic “move” toward a “plan.” We replaced a (still lovely) traditional, Cherrywood 3 piece wall unit – housing a 32” TV, VHS tapes, 😱 DVDs, never played games, antiquated stereo system, and a collection of Dickens Village pieces – with an update. We installed a 65” OLED wall mounted TV (what a difference) and chose IKEA for their innovative design solutions. (Inexpensive – easy assembly – movable by senior citizens – and they had beach/color/themed bins.) We already own several pieces in their black/brown, faux-wood collections: my “in-house” yarn shop is decorated with them. Kallax units, with their larger cubbies, and numerous bin offerings, have always worked well. This year they offered a woven, beach-grass bin option, which is/was so considerate of them! 👍🏻 Our configuration of 24 bins, filled quickly with all my art supplies, fabrics and sewing/quilting supplies. We hadn’t even touched the surface of my knitting/crochet, felting, fiber selections and assorted paraphernalia, needing space.



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  1. I couldn’t agree more about watching the water being relaxing and it’s good that you both feel the same about your planned move. Exciting times ahead!
    When it comes to organising your stash IKEA are great aren’t they? I like the sound of your beach colour themed bins. I replaced an old brown sideboard with several of their units in white to keep my workroom light and bright. It made such a difference!
    Sounds like you might struggle to downsize though with all that gear you have to store!!

  2. It’s great that you and Brian work together so well. Looks like you’re getting things organized. I try to clean up my space each time after a project so that it doesn’t get too chaotic. I seem to work better in a less chaotic space. I hope your plans of living by the water come to pass!

    1. Thanks, Ruth. Lord willing…we will get there, while we can still enjoy it.

      WordPress strikes again…half the article is missing! I’m not sure if I should go back and fix the article, or leave it alone? Thoughts?

  3. Living by the water or cool colours for calmness sounds great. So pleased to hear that you are both on the same page.

    My EPH (ever patient husband) has just shaken his head at your photos. He is full of sympathy with Brian. I simply pointed out that as avid crafters (who blend different skills and techniques – in other words dabbling in a variety of crafts!) we necessarily accumulate all the accompanying supplies. It is so pleasing to know that there are many of us on this path….that said I do like to be organised.

    Hope your plans all go ahead and smoothly.

    1. Thanks, Antje and EPH,

      It’s exciting/embarrassing, to think of the opportunities I was gifted, growing up, in the needle-arts movement of the late 60’s-70’s. My father was a unique commodity, in a field usually dominated by women. Detroit was the “Motor City” – so at 13, I was teaching the wives of automotive executives, how to needlepoint. We had quite the revolving door, at a time in history.
      That exposed me to some amazing yarns, fibers, and threads. Once you learn the feel of beautiful fibers, and quality tools…you can’t unlearn that information.

      I married a man (45 years) who loves seeing things I can create with my hands. His first (marriage worthy) boyfriend gift, was a sweater knitted with 4 strands of beautiful woolen tweed yarn. He was doomed from that point forward. I would call mine EPEH (ever patient enabling husband). 😂 I so wish I had someone to pass my treasures on to. (3 daughters, absolutely no interest!)

    2. Oh definitely a marriage worthy gift, a total keeper!

      My skills were learned from my maternal line. I’m third generation with each garnering more knowledge over a broader set of skills ….sadly here it stops. Like you, despite children and grandchildren the skills acquisitions have reached a huge full STOP. So sad 😞

  4. I love to see how and where other crafters work. Thank you for sharing your spaces. I also love your future plans, and hope that they come to pass.

  5. Your new space is lovely – great colours – we hope you enjoy using it and that you can get to work on your projects! What would we do without Ikea’s ingenious storage ideas?

    Looking forward to reading the missing half of your post 🙂

    1. Thanks, Lyn and Annie!

      I’m looking forward to working on the tutorials, I bought from your shop. 😉😉(I’m giving a plug here…good job ladies!)

      I can’t imagine not having IKEA in my house!

  6. Definitely not off topic Capi. Whatever makes you happy, craft- or other-wise, we love to read about. My workshop walls are lined with boxes of “stuff” and equipment and there’s just about room for me to move in it. I am one of the untidy brigade, though I wish I wasn’t. I quite often have to clear my large work table before I can start work, having had to abandon what I was doing to cook dinner and then being too tired to go back out and finish. Story of my life! We have a motto in this house “it’ll be nice when it’s finished!”

  7. Having a dedicated craft space is wonderfull. it looks like it will be an inspiering space.
    but if you are looking for a bit more space, Have a look at Ogdensburg, its just before you get to Canada, it has water, and i was drooling over a victorian 3 story duble front parler home i could have afforded. it eaven had in one interior picture a loom in one of the bedrooms. the house needed work but it had a loom!!! and a back stair way which i have always thot was the coolest thing ever, not that i am at the moment fond of stairs… but it was only a cuple blocks from the remington museum too. oh well. jsut the rong side of the river for me but you might spot one that is in a bit better shape in the arirea and its on the rite side of the rivver for you!!! it would also mean you are only an hour away from all the fun Ann, Bernadette Carlene, and i are having in Ottawa! worning there may be a bit of snow. and palm trees only occure in pots up here.

  8. Never be ashamed of being exactly how you are. After many years of also berating myself for this and that, I’ve now discovered I’m very likely on the autism spectrum. This doesn’t make me better or worse than who I was before realising this, it’s just an explanation for a lot of behaviours! I see you, Capi, and understand your struggle 🙂

    Your EPEH Brian did a wonderful job! It’s amazing how much stuff we accumulate over the years, but it’s all beloved and deserves a good location. Your system seems great and I hope it works wonders for your creativity!

  9. I can get pretty organized but I can’t stay that way. I live a mess but somehow I find what I need or find something else creative, in its place.
    Looks like a great set up. IKEA is always your friend. Jan live only a few min down the rad from a huge one. She is very lucky.
    It looks like WordPress has decided you could split you post in two. Now you have either a whole other post or at least a good start on one.

  10. OOOOH Yes! Water is definitely the way to go Capi. We are just 15 minutes from the beach here so given a future of rising tides and coastal erosion, I am happy to stay where I am and pop across. As you know having been here, few places in Ireland are really THAT far from the sea – I can travel from one side to the other in just over 2 hours! so I suppose we here are all maritime in our own ways – no wonder so many of us are laid back.
    The crafting community must keep IKEA in business. One of my walls has Kallex with 30 cubbyholes and also a small Billy bookcase. The other has a mirrored PAX wardrobe which I have converted into a closet for more ‘stuff’ In the meantime, I sit happily on my IKEA high backed office chair in the middle of all this organised chaos. Of course, my carder rests on my Bekvam trolley. My happy place!

    Who would have ever thought IKEA would become a universal language!

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