Bringing up the colour

Bringing up the colour

It was back to school week so I was busier than usual. re-adjusting times and schedules.

Last time I showed you the finished visor. It had a lot of fulling and it was nice and sturdy. When the piece is well fulled, you often end up with a dull picture. This is caused by the backing fibres migrating through the coloured fibres. Sometimes they end up dull or fuzzy looking.

When I make pictures that will be mounted or framed I fix this by not fully very much as the picture will not be handled much and it will have the matting to help support it. for something that will be handled or used more light felting won’t help so it’s time to break out the the razor and shave it.

I get them at the dollar store. notice I did not pay the pink tax for my razor, I buy the cheapest ones they have regardless of the colour. It’s a pretty simple thing to do and it makes quite a difference. I hope the pictures show it well enough. It is hard to pick up with the camera. I tried to do one half at a time for you.



and lastly, the sheep, I think it shows the difference very well.

I shaved the rest of the piece as well. This is the pile of fluff.

Here are the before and after pictures


Before Shaving


After shaving

I think I still want to add some stitching I am just not sure what. outlining seems redundant. Maybe I will add some leaves scattered about. and I don’t know about eyes for the sheep. Curved lines make it a bit cute and like it is sleeping and round makes it look odd. Sitting here looking at the flower, I can see something else now, how about you?

12 thoughts on “Bringing up the colour

  1. I am still learning things with Felting, and thank you for this information! I actually thought I was doing something wrong when I fully, fulled my pieces. 🤯 They looked so darned dull…I hated doing that last bit. Now, it makes perfect sense.💡Of course those lighter (undyed) fibers work their way to the top…it’s felted. Thanks Ann! [and…Yikes 😳 can’t believe I just shared that with my fellow community members.]

    I’m sure the books, I have on felting, mentioned this … but my squirrel 🐿️ (adhd) impatience skipped through to the pretties! Time to pretend I am the “Barber-ess 💈 of Seville” and get on with it!!

  2. The careful shaving has really brought out the colours Ann! It’s looking good 🙂

    If you look at any artwork long enough you can see different things – your flower could be a caped crusader flying through the air!

  3. The shaving really helps. I have also used a heat gun to burn off the extra hairs and that works too but you have to pay close attention. And I agree with Lyn, a super hero or a woman with super powers! On the stitching, you could add more color by putting patterns into the different shapes, changing the thread color over top whatever color is below. And French knots might work for eyes.

    1. I don’t think I tried a heat gun. I have used a flame and it worked ok. for something big I can see it being much faster then trying to shave it all. I am undecided on if I want to stitching yet.

    2. I just had another thought. Make a couple of photocopies of the felt. Then you can draw on the photocopy to indicate stitches and where you might put them and in what colors. Gives you ideas without having to stitch anything and then take it out.

  4. The razer has certainly done its job Ann. I sometimes use one but have been known to use a lighter to burn off the frizz, but only when the fibre is still wet and NEVER on white fibre.

    I wanted to type down my response before I ‘eyed’ what everyone else said Ann. First thoughts Superwoman dressed up all fancy. I see superhero is in there ahead of me from Ruth and Lyn.

    I am never good at the planning stage of stitching as I tend to just let the process take me wherever it wants to – I have never not liked the finished piece as it is a personal statement. I would say just go for wherever the mood takes you.
    Helene x

    1. I think it looks a lot like wonder women off for a night out. Maybe I should give her some sparkles. I think I am just not in the mood to stitch it. It my need to get installed and stitched on later. Not sure what to do next. maybe my autumn tree

  5. Wow what a difference a shave can make to felt (as well as legs and men!) I have never seen it mentioned in any of the felting books I’ve read, so I don’t think you missed anything Capi. In fact I’ve only ever seen it mentioned here at the Studio or on the Forum.
    Looking at the flower, now that the others have mentioned Super Heroes, I can see that. My first thought was that it was a papoose with a baby in it.
    As for possibly adding to the visor cover, you could appliqué leaves and/or needle felt some fleece behind the sheep’s head, or perhaps a bee at the flower (unless you’re going to give it a face and perhaps an “S” on the chest?
    Just don’t make it so interesting that you spend more time looking at the visor cover than through the windscreen. 🤪

    1. I don’t know where I heard about shaving your felt first. I see it a lot on Facebook when people complain of hair felt.
      A baby in a papoose works too. Maybe next time I will get pointy bits. I was probably rubbing with impatience.
      I promise not to spend all my time admiring my work when driving. LOL

  6. Your work has turned out very well Ann. I am quite amazed with the effect that shaving has though. All the colours look so bright

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