Summer tree Finished.

Summer tree Finished.

Thankfully I have friends with grey wool. Jan and Bernadette found me some grey in many shades so I could complete my picture. I explained to both that I only needed a little bit, a handful would be more than was needed. I just needed it for a few rocks on my picture

Picture of wool

picture of me taking a picture
I didn’t take any progress pictures of the rocks. I was busy poking and talking.

And finally the finished picture, or so I thought. when you take a picture, you can see so much more sometimes. I really don’t like the roots over the rock. I had tried putting a rock in front of the tree but that looked worse. So, I will take the roots off and continue from there.

I managed to take the roots off and played with the rock some more and now I think it really is done.

12 thoughts on “Summer tree Finished.

  1. It’s a really great representation of a tree in full glorious leaf. As I said earlier, I thought that the green fabric needled on wouldn’t work, but it does, definitely, and I’m glad I was wrong.

  2. Your insight into how things look different once seen through the lens of a camera is so true, Ann. I often notice things I’d never have perceived in “real life”!

    That tree is giving me major heatwave vibes, so the Summer feeling is definitely there πŸ˜€

  3. You have captured the height of summer in your tree Ann. I love the abundance of the foliage and my next thought was wondering what colour they will change to in the autumn. Excellent call on the rocks. Beautiful picture.

    1. Thanks Helene, I am not sure what I will be dong for fall. I have a little time to work that out. Or I can wait until it is almost late. Nothing like a deadline to get the creative juices going.

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