A little spinning

A little spinning

I really haven’t done much of anything since I did the jellyfish. I did go to help with a Demo at the Almonte Fiber festival last Sunday. It was so lovely to get out to an event and a demo. I have missed doing both of these the last couple of years.

I am sure Jan will show you many pictures of the event as she is the official photographer. So I will only show you my end of the display table. well for the first half of the day. Then the other felter left and a weaver arrived and my end of the table worked better so I moved to the other end of the table and didn’t take a picture. Jan will have. Yay Jan!

It’s messier than I remember someone must have been looking at it. That’s a good thing. and then of course I put my spinning down in the middle of it and took a picture.  The basket and flax and silk and cotton are Bernadett’s and were not quite that hidden from the front.


At the demo, I was using my drop spindle. I spun up some rolags I made with Wool from Bernadette and some saree silk.

That’s really all I have done lately. So here are some of the rolags I have left and some of the spun yarn.


These are two I spun earlier that still need plying. It’s fun to see how the different colours of sari silk affect the same colour wool.

Next, it’s the green wool, with different sari silks.


That’s it for now. I hope to do some felting before my next post but you never know it might be more spinning.




8 thoughts on “A little spinning

    1. Thank you. There is some here on the blog. Time and space is my biggest problem at the moment so just small things. Just do a search for shepherdessann

  1. Lovely colour yarns Ann – what are your plans for them?

    Had a look at the website for the Almonte festival (what a show) and clicked on the video of the Ottawa Valley Weavers and Spinner Guild – fascinating to watch.
    Spotted yourself, Jan and Bernadette having fun!

    1. HI Thanks Lyn. I am not sure what I will do. I have been thinking of knitting a small shawl for inside my coat. But I am not a knitter so I am not sure about that

  2. Ann, I can see more watery creations on the horizon with your beautiful green-blue rolags. As you say it’s interesting the difference the sari silk makes.
    Drop spindling….one of these days….maybe 😜

    1. Thanks. I did notice 2 of the rollags have no silk in them. they might be good. Spinning is fun and even the strange yarns we make when we first start are great for decorating felt.

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