100 Day Collage Challenge

100 Day Collage Challenge

My local art group doesn’t meet over the summer but we decided to do a collage challenge. The challenge was to create a collage every day using at most 3 pieces of paper and to only take 12 minutes to create the collage. I started the challenge on May 24th and reached my goal of 100 days on September 5th. The hardest issue I had with the challenge was the time restraint. Even with choosing my paper in advance, I had a hard time completing a collage in 12 minutes. So I ignored the time limit but tried to keep it under 30 minutes. No waffling around on how it went together.

Today, I’m showing you some of my favorite collages. There were some that turned out good and others, not so good. But it was a great way to work on color studies, composition and to do something creative to start out my day. If you would like to see all 100 collages, you can check them out on my Instagram account here:

Ruth Lane Instagram

In case you’re wondering, I have a huge plastic tub filled with paper that has been gelli printed, screen printed, hand painted, printed with block prints and whatever other techniques I have done in the past. So I have a wonderful source of papers to use for collage. If you are thinking of trying this challenge, you can use whatever paper sources you have. Many artists use magazine photos, open source online photos, wrapping papers, or whatever they have on hand.

So here are a few of my favorites. You can click on the photos to enlarge if you’d like to see them closer. I had a great time searching through my papers and creating a different collage every day.

Have you tried this type of daily challenge? We’d love to see your results and hear about the challenge. Let me know if you’d like to write a post about a challenge you have participated in.

And speaking of challenges, our third quarter challenge using botanicals as a theme is over at the end of this month. I think a few of my collages meet the guidelines! If you have something botanical to share for the challenge, please submit your photo here.

26 thoughts on “100 Day Collage Challenge

  1. You certainly have some collages that would fit the challenge!
    What a wonderful, colourful assortment of collages and having a plentiful stash enabled your creative endeavours.
    The time limit of 12 minutes is unrealistic for someone like me – I spend ages thinking and planning before committing to actually making 🙂

  2. Ruth, fab results in terms of colour & composition.
    Even though you extended the time to 30 mins I can’t believe you achieved some of them in that time.
    Have you stopped now that you reached 100?

  3. Fascinating all of them. My favourite is No 3 – I think.
    Much as I would love to do a daily anything in crafting, ordinary life usually gets in the way. One day I may get on with it. It’s good to have your example before us. I’d also be interested to see if you developed anything from any of these collages.

    1. Thanks Ann, life does get in the way. You just have to get into the habit though and it works. I have not developed anything yet but will definitely keep them as a source of inspiration.

  4. I love them, Ruth. My favourite is the one with the red circles, it really speaks to me (as do the one above and to the right of it!)
    Where do you live, again? I’m definitely not asking with theft in mind 😀

    I have a notebook that I use for this sort of thing, but I often forget I have it! This inspired me to have it more at hand to try and work a little more on it once in a while. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Leonor, that one was fun. And Montana is a little far from you for breaking and entering. 😜 I’m glad I inspired you, I would love to see what you create.

  5. Bravo, on your challenge, Ruth! I can’t imagine a 100 days of anything…except breathing maybe. 😱 I have enjoyed seeing each one in my Instagram feed. Where do you get 100 journals from? I’m beyond the age of fighting those Mom’s, at back to school sales. But, if we must…we must!

    Capi 🤭

    1. Thanks Capi, it is kind of daunting but you just do one collage, one day at a time and I spent 30 minutes a day creating one collage on one journal page. So I filled up a total of two journals, definitely not 100. That would be crazy 😉

  6. Fantastic results from your challenge, Ruth. I’ve enjoyed seeing the ones I caught on Instagram (I’m not very good at looking every day) but I need to go back and make sure I’ve seen them all. You really do have a fabulous paper collection and you’ve done a lot of creative and experimental things with them. Well done!

    1. Thanks Lindsay, I love my paper collection. I actually created more paper over the last two days at our annual art retreat. And whenever I have leftover paint, I paint paper of various kinds. It all gets thrown in the plastic bin for future use. Hopefully, I won’t run out of studio space 😉

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