Spinning for Pots

Spinning for Pots

I confess I have not been able to make much felt this month, I have started a new bag using some gorgeous Gotland hogget (1 year old) locks that have that beautiful graduation from black to white that is characteristic of Gotland lambs wool. This lamb wasn’t shorn in its first year so the locks are unusually long for “lambs” wool. More on that bag in a later post.

I have been spinning, this is 2 skeins of merino “singles” that I dyed after spinning:

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And here they are plied together, I am liking the berry colours but struggling to decide which pattern to use it on, I am thinking a pair of gloves but I found several patterns in a crochet book that I like….

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This was some core spun art yarn, that I am planning to use for some twining (weaving):

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On top of this pot:

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This pot was a bit of a learning curve from a glazing perspective, as you can see, the holes I carefully created should have been cleared of glaze before firing. I have managed to fix it with a tile drill but would have preferred the smoother edges of glaze at the edges of the holes.

I have been making quite a lot of pottery this month, including several lidded pots, all of which were the subjects of some glazing experiments…..

This one has 3 different layers of my favourite glaze combination (it gives a bluey-purple through to crimson red colour with pretty pink spots) with some wax over red underglaze:

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This one is a type of scraffito, where you paint on layers of different coloured clays and then scrape areas aways to reveal the layers underneath. The colours in this photo are not very accurate, they are actually black, lemon yellow, brick red and cream:

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This shallow bowl with a cat design was another experiment, to see if I could paint with coloured clay slip (a watery version of clay). I painted the image on clear plastic sheet in black and let it dry so the colours would not mix but that caused all sorts of problems, not least, the black slip cracked and broke up making it very difficult to add the other colours. The bowl is not a total disaster but I have some other ideas on how better to approach this technique in future.

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10 thoughts on “Spinning for Pots

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with your dyed singles.
    I love your pottery, even if they are experiments, they look great – especially the cat bowl.
    I think that a version of your scraffito pot would look good in felt too. The effect to the scratching back is really interesting. Do you throw or coil your pots?

    1. Thank you Ann, there is a felting technique that uses different coloured layers (around a rope or ball usually) that you can then cut into that would create a similar effect to scraffito.

      These pots were thrown on the wheel, but I have been working on a much larger coiled pot with a lid, of course the challenge is making the lid fit, especially with the less perfectly round coiled pots.

    1. Thank you ladies, I have some paper yarn, that is quite stiff so I am thinking of using that to give some strength to the art yarn, watch this space! 🙂

    1. Thank you Christine, I have an Ashford Traditional wheel fitted with a jumbo flyer. I spun some slubby singles and then cores spun that around some commercial merino yarn.

  2. Loving the yarn! I particularly love the singles you dyed, they make me want to knit something 🙂 Will you share what you make with the finished yarn? I’d love to see.

    As for the pottery, you need to make a yarn bowl 😀 Lovely pieces you created, well done!

  3. The yarn is lovely. I am looking forward to seeing how your add it to the pot. will you make a lid with it too? I’ve done pots and bangles with the cut way technique. There are probably post on here about it. It’s a lot of fun. the Cat bowl is lovely even if he didn’t turn out the way you wanted.

  4. Wow….fab colours in your yarn. Looking forward to seeing how you finish coiling onto your pot.
    All your pottery experiments are fantastic….you’ve certainly found ways of exploring your creativity in your new home!

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