A little more stitching

A little more stitching

Continuing on from stitch camp I have started stitching. I like the pieces with a lot of negative space best but thought I should try to do something outside my natural inclination. So I picked one with mostly yellow but a nice distribution of blue too to start with.

I did a bit of stitching but decided it was too soft and floppy to work well. The stitching was distorting the fabric even though it wasn’t pulled too tight.   Another thing I could see, that might happen, is the messy stitching on the backside might show through the white fabric. Iron-on interfacing would solve both problems.  I know I have some……somewhere. And the Iron, I have one of those too, I am sure I saw it recently.

I found the iron first, but not before a mouse had found it. The mouse (the one we caught in the fall,) had chewed up the cord. Not a nice chew in half or in one spot but all the way along. You can tell how often Iron because the mouse was caught in the fall, late September or early October. Well, I didn’t like that iron anyway it tended to leak. I will have to buy a new one. Sorry, no picture of the chewed-up cord. I tossed it out on garbage day.


I never know what to buy, so I picked the middle price and the one that says it does not leak on the box. I was tempted by the one with the retractable cord but it was digital with little buttons. I don’t think my iron needs electronics.

Then I found my one-sided iron-on interfacing.



I am less thrilled with the pieces than I was so I picked 3 of the double pieces and one of the singles to use and I will see how that goes. If I start liking them better I can do some more.


I have 2 ironing boards. on is under siege in the spare bedroom and the other one, the small one,  disappeared into the packed things. so I had to do it the old-fashioned way with a wool blanket on the table. I used a small piece of sheeting for the ironing cloth.


Stitching with the interfacing is better.




When I did this bit of badly done satin stitch, I noticed the distortion starting. Adding the interfacing and ironing seems to have fixed it.

I don’t know what stitching to do. I know it’s all just an exercise but I still want it to look good. I did some seed stitch and that is probably my favourite so far. I thought it was done but looking at it now it needs something else across the join down near the bottom between the woven circle and the yellow seed stitch I think.



Since I started writing this post I started the second piece. One of the more blue ones. I decided to use some green thread as there are some green spots where the blue and yellow paint crossed.





So far so good.  I find it hard to decide where to stitch and what to stitch. I am enjoying it and I hope my stitching will improve with the practice. I find it hard to get my needle to go in or come up exactly where |I want it to. I am using a rounded tip needle. Perhaps a sharp one would work better but I didn’t have one with me. Another thing to look for. It is probably stuck in a piece of foam with some felting needles in a project bag or box.

It wasn’t until I started editing the pictures that I noticed this piece has a parrot in it. It is funny how we don’t see things until we take a picture of them. Do you see it too?



18 thoughts on “A little more stitching

  1. Yes, I think the tutor’s material was quite thick and stiff !

    Your stitching so far is lovely Ann – perhaps we could see more of it in a future blog post? The use of the green thread, on the blue and yellow, is a great choice.

    1. Thanks Lyn. Being stiffer is definitely better. Yes I will keep working on them and post about them again. I like the green too. I will try a different shade I think an maybe some yellow next.

  2. It’s coming along nicely! Love the green (and your iron quest)
    I thought I’d finished mine until I was rooting around and came across a beaded/couched button I did awhile ago. I laid it on my piece and it looks like it was made for it! I may add some beads in a couple of places.
    Now I have to figure out how to display it.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your journey with these pieces.

    1. Thanks Aprille,I am thinking about beads but I think I would find random beading more difficult then random stitching. If I do enough of them I will make an accordion book so it can stand on its edge for display. If I only do a few I may frame them or make cards.

    1. Thanks. I thought I might as well give it a try. but yes I think If I had seen all the videos before starting I would have done it differently. It is hard as a beginner to just go your own way. That’s not really why your there.

  3. I’m loving this, Ann. The stitching and the abstract squiggles look divine together. I want to see the progression of this work 🙂

    As for the parrot, I can’t spot it, but I sure see the number 4 😀

    It’s also funny you mentioning the iron because I watched an instructional video on how to prevent water leakage. Here’s the link if you fancy watching it too (it had great advice): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QcDKr3dkFM

    1. Thanks, doing more will be the hard part. I tend to go minimalist.

      I can sort of see a 4 . If its the 2 yellow lines in the bottom picture then they are running through my parrot head.

      Thanks for the link. Yes I do all that stuff wrong. I am iron challenged. LOL

  4. its realy comeing along! i wonder what that mouse was trying to iron as it at the cord (must have been tasty plastic). i saw the perrot i also like the headless geraff a cuple pictrures up in yellow!! maybe extend the lets across the seem to fill in that area? do you want to frame them when your done?

    1. Thanks Jan, should I say Best made plans of mice and men here? I do not see the headless giraffe. Maybe I need a gin ( or 3) and to squint?
      I am not sure if I will frame it.. It depends on how much I like it.

  5. These are looking good Ann. I always have trouble with this kind of stitching. It’s supposed to be like doodling but I have a really hard time with that too. In my limited experience, keep adding more. Or you could look at some ideas for zen doodles online to give you ideas for further stitching.

    1. Thanks, I am not a great doodler. I tend to end up doing spirals. Yes I think more is probably better. Easier said than done. Zen doodles might help I will look some up.

  6. Your pieces are looking super Ann. Using the interfacing has sorted out the issue very nicely. Loving the stitches both backgrounds are gorgeous but it’s the blue one that does it for me. And yes! I can see Polly the Parrot. (She is guaranteed to behave better than Mickey the Mouse).

    1. Thanks Helene. The interfacing made a big difference to the stitching. I like the one with the least amount of paint best but I haven’t started it yet. This parrot may behave but I hear real ones can be very destructive.

  7. Speaking as one who has been a 78 year old parrot (on stage) I don’t think we’re at all destructive, if only people would be kind to us!
    I’m finding your post, and the various comments entertaining. Perhaps it might be a future challenge for us – make some random marks and splodges on a piece of fabric and challenge the rest of us to find an image in there and then to create something with a similar image on it? Everybody sees something different in most things if they are not told beforehand what is there.
    Looking forward to seeing what you do next to these pieces.

    1. I am sure you would never chew the cord on my iron. LOL. It always fun to play what do you see. like watching clouds. I will keep stitching. at least is not something you have to keep at for hours. Easy to pick up and put down. I think I like thicker threads so far too.

  8. I particularly like your green stitching on the blue background Ann, I can see the figure 4 and the parrot. I like Ruth’s suggestion of Zen doodles.

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