A felt clutch bag

A felt clutch bag

Last year I enrolled on Ruth’s class for Paper Fabric Lamination.

I really enjoyed this class, and once the initial mystique of the technique had dissolved, this method of making decorative felt was wonderful to discover.

This is one of the pieces that I made for the class. I chose the bright pink merino, because that was the largest quantity of wool I had at the time, and that I could use during the class.

The ‘net curtain’ fabric was nuno felted to the pink merino after it had been laminated. The areas of darker pink are from the pattern of roses that is on the curtain fabric. The lamination gives a lovely crinkled effect, caused by the acrylic medium that prevented the wool working it’s way through the curtain fabric

When I was thinking about what to make for my post to the forum for February, I looked at this piece again, and thought that it would make a lovely little clutch bag. I drew a rough pattern, adjusting it so that I could use as much of the felt as possible for the bag.

My pattern:

The clutch bag would have a slight curved top, with a zip closure, and a wristlet for security – to use, or not, if desired.

I was not sure whether I could use iron on interfacing on the felt, so I decided to use a small piece of quilt wadding, and cotton fabric in a contrasting colour for the lining.

I had a piece of cotton fabric that I found in a charity shop, to line the bag, for the zip tabs, and the wrist strap.

I secured the wadding to the felt with a few decorative machine stitches, and then attached the zip. It was quite difficult to attach the zip, because of the thickness of the fabric and zip, and my sewing machine groaned a little during the effort, but eventually success was achieved. I had the same battle attaching the lining at the zip edge.


I decided to make a tab with a D ring, so that I could attach a wrist strap for security.

I used a little of the lining fabric for this, and a swivel clip. I wanted a pink zip too, but I could not find one locally, and made do with a beige coloured one that was in my box of ‘bits’.

I stitched up the sides, ‘boxed’ the corners and left a gap at the bottom edge of the lining for turning through. Once I turned the pouch the the right way out, I stitched up the turning through gap.

I think the bag looks very pretty, and it will hold a mobile, small purse, tissues, keys, lipstick or other small essentials for a night out wearing a posh frock!

Photos of both sides.

I enjoyed making this little pouch. It perhaps would have been easier to stitch if I had used an iron on interfacing, but the wadding  does give the pouch a lovely ‘squishy’ feel too. Just a shame about the lack of a pink zip! I am very pleased to find a good use for the piece of work that I made in Ruth’s class.

20 thoughts on “A felt clutch bag

  1. Your bag looks very attractive. That is a really great result from a sample piece.
    You could have achieved a pink zip by painting the tape edges with dilute acrylic paint. In fact with a bit of care and perhaps masking tape over the top of the bag, you probably could still. The more dilute the paler the colour. Even the water used to wash your paintbrush makes a good “dye”, which once dried will be permanent.
    Enjoy your evenings out with the bag.

    1. Thank you Ann, that is a brilliant idea, and I will try to do it as you suggest.

  2. Marie, your bag turned out great. I really like the look of the nuno felted PFL, it looks floral but more abstract. Ann had a good idea about the zipper, you could definitely still paint it lightly to change the color.

    1. Thank you Ruth. Ann’s idea is inspired brilliance, I wish I had thought of painting/fabric felt tip pens to change colour, I will definitely give it a go …. but carefully!

  3. Hi Mariees23,

    What a wonderful idea. I took the class in September, did my first samples, then life intruded. Also, I wasn’t sure how I personally, would make use of the technique. Duh! I never thought outside my box. (Note to self: Stop thinking everything you create has to turn into ART!) That’s a great way to make something we all could use. Well done. You actually gave me an aha moment. I have some metal bezel pieces, I was including in a “felted jewelry” class, I was supposed to teach at Fiber Fun in the Sip, in Mississippi. Covid canceled the event, and there they sit.

    I may have to take another look at FPL…

    1. Thank you Capi. I really enjoyed the class, I made a phone cover, and a cover for my button jar to sit in too. It is a good technique to add interest.

  4. Oooo your bag looks very tactile, a cosy place for fiddly fingers!
    An inspired creation using up experimental samples, and from above you seem to have created an array of useful items – well done.

  5. Your bag is truly tactile and feminine Marie. I love it! What a great use of a beautiful sample. Great work! By the way, I have uploaded your post to Instagram. Do you by any chance have an account so that I can tag you.

    1. Thank you Helene, I’m glad that you like it. Yes, I have an IG account and I spotted the upload the other day. My name on there is grannysewnsew It seemed right at the time, and has grown on me!!

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