My Wool Order Arrived Last Week.

My Wool Order Arrived Last Week.

I was excited to get my World of Wool order last week. As you can see they are taped, strapped and wrapped in plastic.


Box one is bulging. I wonder if sitting on boxes while they are taped closed is in someone’s Job description.

Despite the bulging, there are only 4 things in this box. This first is Batts. They are packed 5 /kg and take up more room because of that.

These bottom two are sari silk


On to the bigger box

All sorts of goodies. I bought some sample packs as you can see. I will keep one and sell the rest.

The second layer, some shetland for Jan, some peacock, to share with Jan and more sari silk


More sample packs



I took some pictures of the sample packs



And Constellation

The sari silk is what got me started ordering. They had it all back in stock so I could get the colours I wanted.


It is always exciting to see everything come out of the boxes. I sorted Jan’s wool. That’s the Peacock blend on top. It is very sparkly, we shared that one.

I am spinning the peacock right now. It looks really nice on my spindle.

And Bernadettes wool

Glitzy: merino colours (70%) with a touch of trilobal rainbow nylon (30%)


Merino wool tops (70%) and extra bleached tussah silk (30%)

And last but not least the sari silk blends, out of their bags.

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I will divide all the silk up into 25gram and 50 gram balls to sell. The bag is what I will keep. I just have to work out a price.

Next is taking more pictures. I need to take the mixed bags out to get better pictures and I need to work out prices. I plan to take individual pictures of the silk balls and number them. They are all different. I hope to sell it all locally so I don’t have to work out shipping.

13 thoughts on “My Wool Order Arrived Last Week.

  1. Better than Christmas morning isn’t it? Unwrapping all those beautiful fibres – what a joy!

    World of Wool does have some great stock and you’re quite right – there must be a person whose sole job it is to sit on boxes while someone else tapes them shut.

  2. Mouthwatering!
    I love the colour blends. I have a fibre fetish, I just love looking at (and stroking) these. Though I have to say that I always feel that fantastic fibres lose something when they are spun up, even though they mostly make lovely yarns. I’m just glad for my purse’s sake that I don’t live near you – I’d be broke in no time.

    1. I think the stripped ones look better when spun from the fold. They keep more of the look they have in the loose form. I haven’t tried it myself but I have seen it done. I am not sure you can do it on a spindle. Its a good thing I don’t live close to WOW.

  3. I bet “I Sit on Wool While It’s Being Packed” is a WoW job description! I also bet “sitting on it and hoping it won’t all spring out whilst opening the parcel” is a mood, too 😉

  4. What a wonderful collection of fiber. I hope that you are able to sell it locally, that would be nice. I always dislike the shipping portion of sales. It’s such fun to open boxes like that as they spring open with fibery goodness.

    1. I have sold some already and hopefully will sell more. At least fibre doesn’t go bad waiting to sell. there will be fibre sales again. Yes shipping is so tricky, and so expensive these days.

  5. Gorgeous – a feast for the eyes and fingers!

    I’m sure the little bundles will fly out of your hands.

    It’s a good job that the parcel wasn’t opened at customs….can you imagine them trying to get it all back in….it would make a great comedy sketch with customs officers flaying their arms fighting their way out of the sprung loaded contents then them trying to contain the mass, finally sitting on the package whilst others are wrestling to tape the box! Then they would all fall back exhausted & the closing shot would be a bulge expanding from a side of the box….😂

    1. They are lovely to look at. I have had boxes arrive that are open with the flaps standing almost upright and lots of customs tape holding the contents in. Always makes me smile. I wonder if it’s a hazing ritual for the new guy. Hey Joe, go open that World of Wool box and check it for drugs. Then they watch the camera in the other room…LOL

  6. What is it about opening a bag of goodies! It gets the heart racing with excitement and mine was right up there as I scrolled down through your pictures Ann. I imagine the fibre flew off the shelves – the colours are beautiful. Like Christmas morning – I love these moments (even if the narration is on the other side of the world) 🙂

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