Olive Sparrow Giveaway Winners and Second quarter challenge, stitching all done

Olive Sparrow Giveaway Winners and Second quarter challenge, stitching all done

First things first:

The winner of the 100 grams of premium washed Teeswater locks is Sttamburo

The winner of the 150 grams of Swiss mountain batt in your choice of colour(s) is Darrel

Congratulations! Monica will contact you via the email you provided.

Now my stuff

My heat erasable pens arrived. They come as a pack of refills and some empty pens. I got one that came with 4 colours, white, red, blue and black. That should cover all possibilities.

I picked the white. I think red would have worked too.


Onto the last part of the design. Diamonds were a popular repeating pattern. I better check to see if this will work the way I think it will. I did not do my usual quick sketch but using a ruler. Are you amazed?

Yes, that should work fine, real diamonds and not just squares on point. Now let’s see if those pens work. A straight line to work form. I may stitch that in too. I wasn’t sure it was going to work, even smooth felt is very textured.  The tendency when a pen doesn’t write is to press harder. That didn’t work. A light touch was much better.



A couple of weeks has passed since I did the lines. I decided to use yellow for the lines.



I really like how the yellow looks against the green but it didn’t look complete so I added some red and black french knots in the middle


Next was finishing the sides. I decided to use double-fold bias tape. I like double fold because it’s easy to sew on invisibly. the bias I like to use with felt is a fleece bias. It blends with felt so nicely but isn’t as bulky as using felt. I had black and green that would work. I chose the green as it was such a good match.

If I had easy access to my machine I would have stitched the first side with it. You can stitch in the ditch of the fold and it’s invisible. That is the way I do it when I put a bias tape on the brim of a hat. As it was, I just stitched both sides by hand.


I think it looks good.


Next is sewing the pockets and filling them up. I should have that done by next time. I have almost a whole month to get it done and still be on time.



11 thoughts on “Olive Sparrow Giveaway Winners and Second quarter challenge, stitching all done

  1. It’s coming along nicely.
    Thanks for the details about the heat erasable pens. I didn’t know you could get so many different colours, nor that you could get ones with refills. I’ve just ordered some. Also, thanks for the tip about not pressing too hard.
    This is what I find so helpful about the Studio and the Forum, the free flow of help and information.
    Seeing your double fold fleece tape, I just had a thought on making double fold felt tape. How about using masking tape (I think you call it painter’s tape) as a resist, wrapping it in fibres and felting/ fulling well. Then you can cut the tape out, either up the middle of one flat side to make “bias binding”, or up one edge to make a double fold. What do you think?
    Looking forward to the final post on your tool case.

    1. Thank you, now all I have to do is fill it up. when I was searching for eat erasable pens the refillable ones came up most often and had good reviews. You can just buy refills without the pen too. I think if you make the felt nice and thin it would work. If you did it around a flat resist and you cut a sliver out of the middle of one side( to allow space when you fold) you could fold it in half and iron it to have double fold bias tape. Of course with felt you don’t really need the double fold to be able to sew it invisibly.

  2. Interesting to read about the pens Ann – marking felt isn’t easy!

    Never heard of double fold fleece tape before – it looks great and yes, the double fold would make stitching invisibly much easier.

    All the elements of your design are working so well together and yes,we’re impressed with your using a ruler to get the true diamonds!
    The splash of yellow complements/enhances the other colours and looks good with the added french knots.

    1. Thanks Lyn, the pens are cool. I don’t know if the ironing makes them go away because by the time I was done the lines were under the stitching so I didn’t bother with ironing it.
      I am glad I impressed you with my ruler expertise. LOL
      I really like how the yellow pops out and the knots tie the other elements in. The slightly fuzzy bias tape blends in with the felt so much better then the cotton tape.

  3. Looking good Ann! I have never tried the heat erasable pens but it looks like they work well. I may have to get some and try them. I hadn’t heard of fleece bias tape either. Where do you get that? The designs are turning out great and you are making excellent progress!

    1. Thanks Ruth, I got it long time ago at Walmart, back when they had a fabric and sewing section. I am sure it must be available somewhere else. All I have to do now is fill it and refill my basket.

  4. Ann your piece has really come together each design enhancing the next, to work as a whole.
    Your latest stitching is very neat (must be the use of the ruler 🤪😂 – most impressed), have you used ‘stem’ stitch?

    I’m about to trial a white heat erasable pen on felt instead of marking lightly with soap….another tool in my collection box.

    Like all before me, I too have never heard of fleece tape – thanks for giving me extra work….I now need to research it 🤪

    Looking forward to seeing it complete with the pockets.

    1. Thank you. I think I used outline stitch. They are almost the same . Out line stitch keeps the working loop above the stitching and stem stitch. Have fun with the research. I hope they still make it.

      keeps it below.

  5. Love the design Ann. Great idea with the eraseable pens. I have a few pencils for this purpose but they don’t give as clean lines as your new set.
    The French knots beautifully add to the yellow section.
    Great idea with the bias. I must look for some. Is it fully folded like fabric bias binding or folded in two. Some recollection of seeing something in DUG in Italy but I could be having a little ‘moment’ here 😂

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