Spinning wheel Birthday-Xmass pressent arived

Spinning wheel Birthday-Xmass pressent arived

Electric Eel Wheel 6.0

Last year during the early covid of 2020 Glenn was browsing Kickstarter, likely looking for no-fun-train-board-games which he enjoys. This time he found an electric spinning wheel looking for funding. I had a tiny portable electric wheel from the same developer which worked great but I found the tiny bobbins frustratingly tiny! Glenn was sure a bigger bobbin and a upgraded motor strength would be a perfect x-mass/birthday present.

 Electric Eel Wheel (EEW) 6.0 was described as a production eSpinner that offers large bobbins, quiet operation and could both spin and ply. It was developed by Maurice Ribble (his company is called Dreaming Robots).

(what a cool logo!!!)

The Kickstarter campaign was active May 21 2020 – Jun 20 2020 (30 days) and 1,791 backers pledged $445,892 to get the project going by pre-ordering EEW 6.0’s. Maurice was very good at keeping everyone up to date with development, testing, and manufacturing. He asked for impute for the instruction booklets and made instruction Videos too. (He has made 114 update videos so far on you tube.) if you missed the Kickstarter but would like one too he is selling them on his website. https://www.dreamingrobots.com/

Earlier this month a mysterious box arrived at our postal box, it was a very sturdy box and seemed to be quite full of something…. Could it be? YES!!!

The Unboxing:

1-2 Well packaged, a good weight, there must be something interesting in here.

3 Excellent packaging, but I may have opened the bottom end.

4 I wonder what this is?

5-6 Oh my! Is this the Lazy Kate parts?

7-8 Six bobbins and a flyer,

9-10 and the base with power cord, foot on/off switch and battery holder.

This is obviously a box with no bottom it just keeps adding more stuff to the table!!!

11 No I am mistaken there is a bottom!! How did it all fit in there?

Glenn took the parts away to do the assembly but got distracted watching something on his computer, after a couple “is it done yet?’s” it was and I got to try it out.

I think there are 3 of us in the guild that have received this wonderful new wheel, Angela T, Terry N and myself. Angela was fast and had hers unboxed, assembled and photographed before mine even made it home from the post box. I posted pictures of the box, its contence and a video of the first spinning on my new wheel in the guild Facebook group. If you are looking for a reasonably priced, lightweight, electric wheel with a big bobbin and orifice, you may want to check this out. I hope we will be able to resume socials sometime this summer, I am suspect all three of us will be bringing our new wheels. (There is a battery you can get so you don’t need a long extension cord!!)

12 test driving new electric wheel

12 Here is the video. (i am working on finding a format will keep trying)

I was working on this post, had only spun a bit, when I finally got through to my Doctors’ office to ask questions about the Covid vaccine and was advised just get whatever was on offer. So next call was to one of the local pharmacy to ask more questions and inquire how long the waiting list was. I was extremely surprised to get the offer of a cancellation later the same day. I did mention I have not done well with flu shots in the past and have an odd assortment of allergies. So, I fretted until it was time to drive over for the Shot. I wound up with the AstraZeneca shot with a second coming in August. The Pharmacist did a fabulous job with the injection. However, within 3 hours of the injection I started to feel all over achy, nauseous, headache…. and crawled off to bed with my plastic bucket. It took about 3 days to climb back out of bed with only a stiff shoulder, exhaustion and bouts of wanting to go back to bed. With that much of a reaction, it defiantly means I got a dose that works.

13-14 having fun

I have had a chance to spin a bit more and am enjoying quiet motor, large bobbins and the adjustable speeds. I haven’t tried plying on it yet, but suspect that it will be as easy spinning is.

9 thoughts on “Spinning wheel Birthday-Xmass pressent arived

  1. Looks like a very interesting present. It’s nice that Glenn put it together for you. It looks like alien parts to me and would have been a mess if I tried to assemble it. Have fun spinning!

    1. Thanks Ruth! we live down the street from Ikea, so we have had a lot of practice with assembly! it is a nice little wheel and once we get the battery pack it will be extremely portable too.untill then i could get an extension cord!

    1. it was good of Glenn to get it and assemble it too. i am spinning short mill-end pieces of top in super-wash merino. they are less then 12 inches long so i am looking foreword to trying longer top or roving or maybe a nice batt. i am sorry i haven’t been able to get a format of video that will attach in a viewable format in the blog.

  2. Ooh, an electric wheel! I’ve heard of this model (a customer of mine in Australia bought one a while back, I suppose it was still in the Kickstarter page?) I’ve got wheel envy now 😀

    The mysterious piece you asked about – looks like where the orifice is, aka the hole where the wool goes from your hands into the wheel 🙂 Am I right?

    1. Your Right Leonor! that white bit is the orifice reducer (im using the large orifice at the moment) the mettle rings were to go in each end of the bobins or it mit have been the ones with the flyer! there was also a drive band and a spair, 2 orifice hooks with a small and large hook on ether end and there is a card with angle of twist and thickness gage too! it seems to be very good value for an electric wheel. its more moddern looking than some of the pritty wooden ones but i think the design fetures are well thot out. the orifice hook has two little magnets that hold it to the body of the wheel so it dosnt get lost. he even gave a second spring with a diferent stiffness for spinners to have options! he found 2 rare problems and has a couple fixes already avalible for them. mine seems to be fine no problems just fun.

      if you are overcome by wheel envey you can still get one from his web site or from a link from the kickstarter page. Spinning is lots of fun and a solution if you have a bit more wool than you can come up with felting projects for!

    2. Ha, glad I still know my wheel parts, electric or not 😀

      I’d love to get one eventually but for now I need to be good. I found a love for plants during the pandemic and may have spent enough to have that wheel on them… I’m curbing my enthusiasm for now!

    1. Unboxing is fun! its like xmass but with out the outer paper layer to get through first. the mysterious little packages i keep getting from china have been fun to palpate since most are in padded envelopes and i cant remember which order it mite be since i dont read chineze or guess from palpation. (i bet its a small roll of wire i wonder what gauge? or it feels like more needles!!)
      watching spinning wheels turn is always soothing. spinning on a wheel or spindle in the hospital calms both me and anyone watching. You can try it next time we can meet in person?

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