Nuno Felt Scarf Class

This is a quick( I lost a day so I am late) post about the class I taught on Saturday. I taught it at the Ottawa Valley Weavers’ and Spinners’ Guild. Mostly it is just a lot of pictures of the layout and then after felting.  I hear that’s what social media is supposed to be these days lots of pictures and very little reading so I hope you like it.

These are the layouts. A very creative bunch and I think everyone used silk hankies to have a go at making flowers.

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I think everyone really enjoyed themselves. It was more work than some thought it would be but that is normal for a felting class. In the end, I think they liked the result.

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I used the batch resize feature of my photo program for the first time and it worked out really well. If I had had more time I probably would have done som more precise cropping but when your in a hurry you just have to hold your breath and push the yes butten.

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12 Responses to Nuno Felt Scarf Class

  1. ruthlane says:

    Looks like a fun class Ann and the results were definitely colorful! I don’t think I have a resize feature on my phone. Do you have an iPhone? Mine is an Android.

    • Thanks, Ruth. I do have an iPhone but it is an older one so no fancy editing stuff like the new ones. I use a program called Photopad Image Editor. It has lots of features I hardly ever use but it is nice and easy to use. You can download it for a free trial but it is not expensive to buy.

  2. Antje says:

    Colourful scarves that I’m sure your students were thrilled to create.
    Thank you for the iPad/iPhone info above

  3. annielynrosie says:

    Yes, new felters are always surprised by the “work-out” you get from felting! However, they produced some very pretty scarves so I hope they thought the effort required was well worth it.

    My phone photos are a bit rubbishy – my phone isn’t top of the range anyway and I can’t hold it still enough!

    • I do remind people that not many people can knit a fancy hat or scarf in a day so it’s actually quite fast. I think they liked it.
      Lyn, have a look for one of those tripods with a clam for your phone. My good camera that I hardly ever use has an anti-shake feature.

  4. Love your post on nuno felting. I ran a similar workshop here in Devon yesterday too.
    My felting blog is
    Nice to know there’s other felters out there.
    Stay in touch!
    Judi 😊

  5. Nancy Ruth Skakel says:

    I occasionally teach felting classes here in Oregon. You provided a lot of exotic fibers and other embellishments for your students. Can I ask how you determine how much to bring to teach a nuno class? I have had the experience of having students take ‘way more than I estimated when I brought my own stash. Lovely, inspiring results from your class

    • I never bring something I feel I don’t want to lose. Otherwise, I talk about all the embellishments and how to use them and they don’t end up using that much. The hardest one to manage is the silk hankies. More because they end up in a mess so easily. I am the one to handle them for that reason. I did at one point when silk wasn’t quite so expensive buy, I bought a Kilo of silk hankies and throwsters waist. I am sure when I have to buy it again I will get sticker shock. Some times they use very little and sometimes more. Several in this class did very busy peises. Sometimes they all seem to do simple peises. It balances out in the end.

  6. These scarves are lovely Ann. They look like paintings. What material did they lay the wool out on for the nuno felting?

  7. Ona says:

    I love felt product

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