A zen sculpture and some cuteness

A zen sculpture and some cuteness

I saw an interesting Zen sculpture on Facebook. Now I can’t find the picture to link to of course. I think it was one of the Russian felters. Anyway, I thought it was an interesting resist and sculpture so I would see if I could do one.

first I made some circles. each one a bit smaller than the last one. then I cut out a bit where I would join them.

Then I used some duct tape to join them.

I forgot to take a picture of the layout before felting but here it is when I was about to cut it open and remove the resist.

Here it is finished. My husband’s and grandson’s first words were that it looked like a snowman, specifically Olof from Frozen. It looks a little better against the colourfull background.

It wasn’t a bad first go. I would make the balls smaller next time.  Also, the bowls need to be wider and flatter by comparison to the balls.  I would start early to make the bowls flatter and wider. Also, I am not happy with my colour choice. I think a solid colour might be better.

And now for the cuteness

These are the bottle lambs.  Some got cold and didn’t go back some had other problems. on of a set of 4 had a strange leg that is now much better and not causing him problems but of course, it’s too late to go back to mom now. The white one my husband is holding is called Prince Ali, named by my granddaughter. The lambs are having a bigger pen made for them as I type.


18 thoughts on “A zen sculpture and some cuteness

  1. Very interesting sculpture, Ann and looks well made. I haven’t seen anything like that before. Really cute lambs and I love that they’re drinking out of beer bottles!

    1. It is a very Zen sculpture. Yes I don’t know who designed the nipples but the fit on bear bottles best. They must know farmers always have bear bottle around.

  2. Wow! That’s a lovely sculpture – was it difficult to full? We haven’t seen anything like that before and we like it!
    Looks like you have your hands full with the lambs – it’s a wonder you get time to felt!

    1. Thanks Lyn I am glad you both like it. It wasn’t to hard to full, the balls turn into bowls at the end. The hardest thing was getting a small balloon into the small ball and blowing it up. I seem to be most inspired when I have no time.

  3. The sculpture is interesting and you learned a lot from it. Will you make another one? I always appreciate the cute lamb photos. Does that mean it’s spring????

    1. I have another larger around but only 3 high one I started before finishing this one. I will see how that goes. Lambs are very cute. I wish it meant it was spring. Your a skier I thought you would want more snow.

  4. What a wonderful experiment! Thank you very much for sharing this!
    Need a home for one of those lambs???:)

    1. Thanks, it is fun to try new ideas. No the lambs are happy in their own little flock. If the weather stays warmer we will be able to put them out in the barn again.

  5. Hi Ann….for the cuteness factor your lambs win the Oscar.

    As I receive updates from this felter I recognised the sculpture immediately particularly as I have been fascinated by it too – but Nancy has already given you the link. The marled creamy grey Russian version was about 7 balls high with little red balls balanced in the saucers.

    by comparison to the original your saucers have turned out very well in shape. Might I suggest that to achieve the wider saucers you use ‘pairs’ of graduating size circles….that way the saucer on top of each ball is already from the wider resist – hope that makes sense.

    I’m glad you said it was tricky re the balloons – when I studied the original to work out the mechanics I came to the same conclusion in my head. I’m totally delighted to see your experiment matches my own understanding, and that I’m not alone in seeing such as a challenge! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    1. yes, I think the saucers need to be much bigger than the balls. I think they would need to be stuffed to dry if it were any more tiers. I think the natural gray is nice because it looks like stone.

  6. thats amazing Ann! i was racking my poorly working brain trying to figure out how that would go together! that is realy cool! (my brain kept saying its a book resist but i couldnt see how that would work)

    i am, as always, so jealous of your fabulous living room decor! So fluffy and spinnable! i had not realized that lambs drank white beer! well it would have a grain in it so i gess it must be ok!

    i cant wast to see what you will do next!

    1. Thanks, Jan. It was fun to do. I think I would call it a linked resist. I keep telling you, you need to move to the country. Then you can have fuzzy friends too.

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