My latest makes and a competition!

My latest makes and a competition!


So what have I been up to lately? Well this and that! I finally joined facebook a year ago to promote my work and workshops.  I also opened up my Etsy store, so I have been a bit busy.

I have been lucky to also receive a few commissions.  A lady asked me to make her favourite, a dragonfly! Well it’s good to step out of your comfort zone and try new things isn’t it.  Luckily it was well received and here it is finished and then a picture when Gloria framed it.



I have a few fairs coming up including a two day fair, so I need to up my stock.  I really love making a wet felted picture and free motion sewing it.  I didn’t have any sheepy ones so here is one in its fluffy stage and then onto the sewn version.




Because of the upcoming shows and dare I mention the C word – Christmas. I thought I would make a few similar snowy cottage cards, with the view to getting them printed onto cards as I have done in the past.  I put them on my facebook page and asked people which one they thought I should use as the card.  Votes where across the board, but I have chosen one.  I won’t say which I prefer, but which one do you like?






Finally I have a little prize giveaway going on on my fb page.  I want to get the following picture printed onto cards also, but I need a title!  If you would like to contribute a title that would be wonderful.  The persons who’s title I choose I will send a card to them, a small prize maybe, but it was made with love!

35 thoughts on “My latest makes and a competition!

  1. I’m generally not good at naming bit when I look at your lovely snow card a “ski mountain” comes to mind or a”snowy ski mountain”. Then I looked at the sky and saw a “twilight ski mountain! It was fun to try! Thanks again Tracey for sharing your lovely work.

  2. Love all your pieces Tracey! Looks like you’re staying busy. I was going to say Silent Night for the name but Marion beat me to it. 🙂

  3. Oh My, I love the snowy scene, it really moves me, it’s so lovely. I’d call it “Not even a mouse”, from the peom The Night before Christmas. As for the other cards, I prefer numver one too. I can’t get over the snowy scene, it’s really magical.

  4. Number 1 has the edge!
    Love the snowy picture that will be printed as a card – also like the fluffy version of the sheep picture. We’re always reluctant to ‘wet down’ because the dry fibres always look so scrummy.
    Very much like the way you made the dragonfly wing and the finished picture is a delight.
    Good to hear that you’re busy doing what you love!

  5. Beautiful pictures – Love number 1, the angle of the chimney smoke adds a gentle drifting movement to the image.
    Picture title suggestion for the last one – ‘Snow place like home’

  6. You did a great job of. Resting the dragonfly I’m sure your client was delighted. Your sheep picture has managed to retain the ‘bounce’ of the fibres and it’s vibrancy. I hope it soon has it’s forever home.
    Your cards are great, but the one that sneaks ahead is #1 – I like the crisper roofline against the background. The snowy scene has me captivated It is lovely.
    Naming is always difficult. For me your scene speaks of a calm magic (which is not just a Christmas scenario) – so….snowy mountain stillness, or snowy mountain magic….comes to mind.
    Good luck with your stock creations.

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comments Antje! I am enjoying it all so much right now 🙂

  7. Beautiful work…i have a question do…since i cant really find who to ask,i thought id try here..recently i started experimenting with some free embroidery on felt,and the problem i face is that the thread gets stuck underneath or doesn’t even create a line when stitching(just stays loose)..its quite frustrating,and happens mostly when the felt is softer…im guessing the problem is in the sewing machine settings,but i tried changing,and since im not so good in the settings it is like an endless guessing game…please,any advice would be highly appreciated…

    1. Thank you Natasa. I can only think that it is the tension that needs sorting out on your machine. Could you download a user manual for it off the internet to help you?

    2. Unfortunately even though I have the manual it’s not very helpful since the sewing machine is pretty old …really really good, but the instructions are in three different balkan languages :)) I have tried what they say in the manual but the one thing I can think of is ,like you said , The tension of the thread ,and maybe the thickness of the needle ..I am not sure do I use a thicker needle for stitching on felt,or maybe a thinner needle… I did however put all my settings on the sewing machine to 0 as that is what I found on most of the Internet tutorials …thank you for helping ..

  8. A thought for Natasa
    Have you placed a fabric backing on your Felt? I use an iron-on interfacing (Vilene) medium weight. This helps the machine grip the Felt and stops the ‘skipping’ of stitches.

    1. Thank you Antje for thinking of my problem :)..yes i did think about it,it was my first thought actually but,i cannot find that particular item…iron-on interfacing.i bought fusible web,and thought about trying to use that…

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