Todays task is dryer balls

Todays task is dryer balls

I got a call form one of my outlets that they are out of felted soap and dryer balls so todays job is dryer balls.

First I make middles out of old or failed felt experiments. They might as well help make some money.

Next is wrapping them in some wool and popping them into the cut off leg of some pantyhose.

I do 3 white and one with coloured stripes per set.

The coloured ball doesn’t nothing different but looks more attractive when they are bagged for sale.

Next is a trip through the washer and dryer.

When they come out you have to peal them out of the nylons.

Once they are all peeled its back into the nylons to go through the washer and dryer again to get rid of the fuzzies.

I will bag them and put a simple topper on them. Sorry no picture as I haven’t got that far yet.

Next is the soap. I get really clean hands.


18 thoughts on “Todays task is dryer balls

    1. Thanks, ArleneI think the washer is set to warm. so tepid. it takes for ever for the hot water to get to the washer. but they go through a hot dryer.

    2. Thanks for that. I will give it a go once I have enough leftover wool! I only started felting in March! 😝

  1. thanks for this information. I wonder if I could use bits from felted sweaters for the base and cover them with wool fiber? Guess I will be experimenting.

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