Old Hand Stitched Projects, What to Do?

Old Hand Stitched Projects, What to Do?

In the quest to clean out some of the “stuff” in my studio, I found a couple of old projects that are hanging around either not finished or in the “why did I think this was a good idea” pile. The first is a printed sample from one of my online classes and I added some hand stitching.

I wanted to brighten it up a bit but then I think I might have gone past my comfort zone. I couldn’t decide if I should just keep adding more stitching or if it should be left as it is.

As you can see by the side view it is lumpy, wavy and uneven. The circles stitched on the felt caused the felt to buckle and push outward.

What would you suggest? Would you add more stitching? Just use it as is? Cut it up? Throw it away? What would you make out of it? I’ve love to hear your suggestions.

Here’s a little felt book that I started. I think I was mainly using this to make the binding but then decided I should stitch on the pages. The photo above shows the front cover.

And here’s the second page. I have three more pages that are not finished. I either got bored or couldn’t decide what to do on the last three pages. Perhaps I will look through my floral sketches and find some patterns that might work for those last three pages. The felt on this book is commercial felt in case you were wondering.

And I thought I would show this hand felted hat that I completed with embroidery. I’m not sure I have shown it before and it was hanging out in the studio with no better place to be. What do you do with finished pieces that are taking up space in your studio?


14 thoughts on “Old Hand Stitched Projects, What to Do?

  1. The hat is beautiful! Surely someone would look good in that!

    Any decent finished item I no longer want gets donated to a charity (thrift) shop. I hang on to other bits for a while, then if I decide I really can’t recycle them into other felt, I am ruthless (no pun intended) and bin them.

    1. Thanks Lyn! Yes, that is definitely an option, to donate to a thrift store. I might have to get “ruthless” too 🙂

    1. Thanks Marilyn, I knew it wasn’t an isolated problem but I hoped we would have some good ideas come out of the conversation.

  2. I have a rule – no it’s just a guideline.. it must have a use.. if it’s not useful it has to make my heart sing or else it has to go. My house is too small to keep stuff with no purpose. I figure the joy was in the making and the learning and so I can let it go to someone else. Charity shops are a great idea.. if someone loves it they will buy it and give it a new life. I love your embroidered felt. You could put a backing on it and pad the bits that have stretched.. it could make an interesting book cover.

    1. Thanks Jane, I think I will have to let some more stuff go for sure. I have considered a book cover and I like the padding idea.

  3. These are all interesting but favourite is the first piece Ruth and I would go for more stitching. The circles are already starting to push up so I would emphasise this even more by circling with free motion stitching to really make these area dome. I have a box of felted items I am tired of looking at and every now and then I take one out and either cut it up to reuse in another piece or I give them away.

  4. I remember the hat 🙂
    I’ve got the same ‘problem’ with a lot of stuff, sometimes I’ll get things out and have another look, see if I’ve got any new ideas, if not, I put it back away in ‘the box’. And sometimes I need something for a project and find the perfect thing in ‘the box’. Maybe it’s an excuse to hoard, but I think the perfect use for something comes up in the end 🙂

  5. There is no need to “bin” felt, it is biodegradable therefore can be used as mulch in the garden around new plants. It will suppress weeds and retain moisture in the ground

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