Second Quarter Challenge 2019 – Seascapes

Second Quarter Challenge 2019 – Seascapes

An old music hall song’s opening line is: “Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside”.  And who doesn’t?

So this quarter the challenge is to make a seascape and it doesn’t have to be just ‘sea’. You might include beaches, yachts, lighthouses, seabirds, piers etc.  The Felting Forum embraces all things fibre and mixed media, so do your favourite thing or have a go at something new!

As in the previous challenge, size doesn’t matter and it doesn’t have to be wall art – your seascape could feature on clothing, a vessel or a mug mat.

Here are some seascapes made with various techniques:

Anne (Penguin) made this wet-felted seascape, added a gull using applique, then made a hanger from driftwood.   Anne wrote about how the picture evolved in this forum post

Anne (Penguin) - seascape with gull

Tracey made this mixed media wet-felted seascape then added sea glass boats and shells.  She gave more details in this thread

Tracey's sea glass boats

Julie (Paintergirl) needle-felted ‘The Boathouse’ then added some stitching…

Julie (Paintergirl) TheBoathouse

…she also needle-felted ‘Ailsa Craig’ shown below.  Julie has a photobucket slideshow here

More of Julie’s work can be seen at  Cloud 9 Gallery

Julie (Paintergirl) AilsaCraig

Lindsay wet-felted ‘Big Wave’ – read more here

Lindsay 'Big Wave'

and ‘Winter Sea’ read more here

Lindsay 'Winter Sea'

Annie (rosiepink) made this sea/sky image with dry wool fibres.  Un-felted fibre pictures can be photographed then the images printed to make wall art.  Or the fibres can be trapped under glass then framed.

Annie (rosipink) sea and sky

Annie (rosiepink) made this nuno seascape with wisps of fibres and open-weave fabrics, then soaked it with CMC paste, scrunched it up a bit then let it dry.  It’s stiff enough to hang on a nail in the wall!

Annie (rosiepink) CMC seascape small image

Here’s a part of it in close-up.

Annie (rosiepink) CMC seascape close up small image

We hope you’ve been inspired to have a go at this challenge!  It would be lovely to see some new seascapes on the forum.


22 thoughts on “Second Quarter Challenge 2019 – Seascapes

  1. Hello – can you please explain Rosiepinks technique a bit more – was her piece wet felted before being soaked in cmc paste?

    Thanks Lee

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. Hello Lee, yes, the piece was wet-felted before the paste was applied. The base is white merino wool and on top were placed open-weave fabrics, yarn, locks and merino fibres.

  2. Thanks for including my pictures – I just want to add that more about these and other felt pictures can be found under ‘Lindsay Wilkinson Artwork’ on Facebook & Instagram. Lindsay

    1. Your pictures are gorgeous Lindsay! Keep them coming!

      We hope that readers click through on the ‘read more here’ links above your pictures to learn more about you and your art.

    1. It’s great to hear that you’re inspired to try a seascape!

    1. Thank you Marilyn.
      There’s something about standing on the shore – the sea almost calls to you!

  3. You’ve drawn together a diverse set of lovely seascapes – very inspiring.
    The sea does call….I lived for my first 20yrs within walking distance and knew the sea in all it’s guises. For many years (having moved to almost exactly mid country) I missed that call, and frequently had to have my lungs filled with sea air. Now decades later I’m finally very content with my beautiful country surroundings….with a few visits to the sea!

    1. Thank you Antje. There’s a theory that we all came from the sea so maybe that’s why it calls to us!

  4. Ooh! I think I’ve done more ‘seascapes’ than landscapes so this is right up my alley! I love all the examples you’ve included, especially the nuno and CMC paste piece 🙂

  5. Hello felters 😀 Please bear with me as I’m a newbie to the blogging world so trying to get my head round it all! I love all the felting creations I see on this blog! Is the quarterly challenge for members? I’d love to start taking part in them if possible? I have recently done some seascapes of my local town Clevedon with it’s pier, but it wasn’t specifically for this challenge so may not be appropriate to share. Earlier this year I completely got hooked with wet felting so it’s great finding this lovely online community to talk about it. Thank you 🙂 Mary

    1. Thank you! That’s really helpful. I’ll have a look at the forum.

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