Felted Flower Class

Felted Flower Class

Wednesday I taught an evening class in flowers at the Ottawa Valley Weavers’ and Spinners’ Guild. It is a bit rushed for beginners to get both flowers finished but everyone got it done and we all had a good time.

As usual, I kept forgetting to take pictures but I did get some and Jan was in the class and got some but she was busy too.

First, we did a petunia/morning glory shaped flower this is me explaining how you layout the wool for the flower.

Jan remembered to take a picture of her layout. This is part way through.

Here everyone is diligently felting their flowers


This is Jan’s flower after scrunching and throwing. People usually look skeptical that this will be a flower at this point.

But then Ta Da!

Then there was no time to waist and we were on to Flower 2. Stems and stamens and silk hankies.


There was rubbing and rolling and gentle fulling and no throwing for these.

And lastly Jan to a good picture of her 2 blue flowers.

I think I may make this into a full-length class with a few more flowers. and maybe add some leaves to the stems.





12 thoughts on “Felted Flower Class

  1. It looks as if it was a fun class – there’s lots of smiling! Lovely variety of finished flowers too.

  2. Thanks for teaching this workshop Ann, i had lots of fun and yes i was distracted and only took 85 pictures! i will try to get you the shots of the flowers now that they are dry. i am tempted to add leaves and make the stem less monochrome. so maybe a one day for the fully embellished flowers and an evening workshop for just the basics? Thanks again i had a blast!

    1. Yes, that is only a few for you. Share your pictures on the forum so everyone can see them. I thought about a beginner class but everyone seems to want to have something at the end.

  3. Looks like lots of fun! What are those round tools that the students are rubbing their flowers with?

    1. Thanks, It was. Those are starburst Tupperware juice jug lids. They are great for rubbing. They don’t make them anymore you have to find them at garage sales and second hand stores.

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